How To Decrease CPC In Google Ads

Do you want to decrease the CPCs for your Google Ads campaigns? Here are some great tips to reduce your CPCs.

Well, you can go to the keyword level and increase or decrease your keyword bids. But just decreasing the CPC is not a good strategy.

If your Google Ads campaigns are performing and are profitable then you want to be as competitive as possible and what I mean by that is you don’t want to be losing out on the search impression share.

You want to get as many clicks or as many impressions as possible for those keywords. Decreasing it will reduce your ad rank. That means your ads are going to be less competitive in the auction.

You’re gonna get fewer impressions, fewer clicks, fewer conversions. So overall your Google Ads campaigns are going to go down. The focus should be on increasing your profitability.

What you want to do is to increase your quality score, your ad rank is going to go up and your average CPC is going to go down automatically. The focus for me would be to increase your quality score and increase the landing page experience.

Because if you can make your landing page a bit faster, you are going to increase your conversion rates.

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