How To Duplicate Campaign In Google Ads

So you want to duplicate a campaign in Google Ads? No problem, you’ve come to the right place. It’s a very simple and straightforward process if you follow our steps.

Firstly before you start, there are two ways of duplicating a campaign;

The first way is through the actual Google Ads Interface, the second is through the Google Ads Editor. 

The Google Ads Editor is a free tool by Google, in which it turbocharges your workflow. Without the Google Ads Editor, it would be difficult to manage your own accounts and client accounts successfully. 

The Google Ads Interface (Google Ads Web Version)

Google Ads Campaign Tab

Step 1: Find the campaigns tab in the Google Ads Interface.

Select Google Ads Campaign

Step 2: Check the box of which campaign you want to copy.

Copy Google Ads Campaign

Step 3: Find the Edit tab and click Copy and then Paste. Depending on how fast the Google servers are, will depend on how quick it copies.

Paste Google Ads Campaign

Step 4: If you have a fairly large campaign, it may take 3 to 4 minutes to paste onto the Google interface.

The Google Ads Editor (Free Download on Mac or PC)

Select Google AdWords Campaign

Step 1: Head over to your campaigns and highlight which campaign you want to copy

Copy & Paste Google Ads Campaign

Step 2: Press Ctrl C and then Ctrl V to duplicate the campaign

Rename Google Ads Campaign

Step 3: In the Edit Selected Campaign tab on the right, you can adjust the name of the duplicated campaign to avoid confusion.

Google Ads Post Changes

Step 4: Click Post (top right corner) and your duplicated campaign will be uploaded to the Google Server.

We highly recommend using Google Ads Editor for your ad campaigns, as it will boost your workflow, increase efficiency and be much quicker when working on your campaigns.

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