How To Get Clients For Google Ads

Are you a freelancer or an agency owner struggling to get new clients for your Google Ads? In this video, I’m going to share my top tips on how to acquire new clients.

Find Your Niche

The first thing I look at is the niche. This is pretty important because some niches are extremely competitive and not very profitable and when I say profitable is at the front end offer. It’s impossible to make a profit on the front end but you need to have the backend where you make the money. 

First of all, is finding those niches. How do you find these industries or these categories of businesses is just by going on Google and putting in the keywords, for example,  emergency dentist, locksmith, accountants, plumbers. There are lots of these companies or industries where you want to go in and offer your services. So go in there on Google. Search for these keywords and you will find that four ads pop up at the top and some at the bottom of the page.

If you don’t find any ads, then, that means, well, it means two things. First of all, that niche or industry is not allowed on Google. And the other one is advertisers aren’t advertising because it’s not very profitable or it may not be very profitable for them. So, you want to avoid them if they aren’t any but if you see lots of ads popping up then you know that there is a market for these clients and you can potentially go after them.

Then you can also look at magazines, newspapers, national or local publications, trade magazines etc., to see who is advertising there. If they are advertising in magazines and newspapers, then they probably will be advertising on Google as well. Those are the kind of companies you want to go after. A company who is advertising a full-page ad in a magazine compared to a small box ad may be better for you because that company is willing and able to spend money on advertising and they value that the bigger the ad is, the more customers and branding they may be able to generate.

The third thing is do you have any insight and knowledge of an industry? So, if you’ve been working with an accountant or a dentist or a plumber, you know the inside workings of that niche, how they work, how they get clients. What are the pain points? What are the struggles? And then all you need to do is to just address those pain points. Now, Google is where there’s high intent. We only go to Google when we have a pain point and we are looking for a solution to our pain. And if you have that solution, you are going to make money. So, the same thing applies over here.

You know if you’ve been working with an accountant and you know that all these accountants don’t have any great online presence, they struggle with blogging, content marketing, video marketing, Google ads, Facebook and so on. Then you are in the right place at the right time and you offer that service to that company or companies and I’m pretty certain that you are going to get some really good results from it.

Profitable Niche

Now finding that right niche is extremely important and what I mean by that is this, you need to look for industries or niches where you have got returning and recurring customers and transactions.

Let’s take for example a dentist. Everybody needs to go to the dentist regularly. Every business owner needs an accountant and they need him or her on a regular monthly, quarterly or yearly basis to do their accounts and the taxes. And for these kinds of businesses the customer lifetime value is pretty high.

Because we just don’t go there once. We’ll go multiple times and then businesses who have been established long enough, they will know how often a customer comes back to them, how much they spend with them. So, you want to go after those customers because if you get a dentist or an accountant, one client, it may be worth thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to them.

Compared to somebody like an emergency locksmith. How often do we lose our key? How often do we need to call somebody to let us into our homes or cars because we’ve lost the key? Not very often. Perhaps maybe once in 5 years or ten years. I can’t remember the last time I needed to call a locksmith. So in that industry, there’s only pretty much one transaction for these companies. They need to make sure that the acquisition cost is pretty low because they don’t have a back end offer or something else to sell afterwards. 

Existing Advertisers in Google ads

Go to Google, find existing advertisers in Google ads and you are going to find a lot of bad ads and ads which are not relevant to your search term. For example, if you have searched for a business headshot and someone’s ad pops up for wedding photography.

That’s completely irrelevant to what I was searching for. When you find these kinds of businesses you can then send them an email and say I searched for a business headshot and your wedding photography offer popped up. You will be wasting a lot of money on irrelevant clicks. Your ads may not be very profitable. And I can help you with this.

If I receive an email like this out of the blue and out of nowhere. I’m going to look at it and first of all, I’ll be pleased that somebody has bothered to send me an email to stop me from wasting money. And if I am running my ads, that means I’m not running it properly. Or if I’m using an agency or a freelancer, now I know that they are not doing a good job. 

So, I will probably be looking to change and I will most likely reply with either thank you for your email or no thanks but at least you are in there.

You got one step through the door. So find all these companies with really bad ads and you’ll find loads and loads of them. 

Extensions are not being used. Google’s best practice for writing an ad is not being used on these ads. You need to do a little bit of work. And you will find the results from these efforts which you are going to put in is going to generate a lot of new clients for yourself.

Free Audits

And again putting up a bit of work upfront will result in more customers for you and another way of doing this is by giving out a free audit. Promote your free audit, offer your free audit to companies who have got these bad ads and say I’m happy to hop on a call or if you give me access to your account, I will give you a detailed and free audit as to how we can improve your campaign performance and profitability of your account. You can’t charge for these because very few people will be willing to pay for this audit but in my opinion and my experience, I would say free audit works well.

You need to find problems or leakages in the account where they are wasting money. Quite often we find that the conversion tracking is not set up properly. Negative keywords are not being used extensively and extensions are not being used.

Just by pointing out these little things and making a list and giving them an audit will increase the profitability and the performance of the account.

Freelancing Websites

Another way you can find work is through freelancing websites like Upwork and Fiverr. These are the two biggest ones. But there are many others as well which you can go on to set up your profile. And obviously, you can start pitching for working with potential clients there.

Video Marketing

The last one which is my favourite and the best of all the tips which I have just given you so far is video marketing. You are watching my video. You are consuming my content. As you can see, there is a call to action along the bottom of the screen with a website URL where we are driving traffic to. 

We put these videos in lots of different places. Not only on YouTube but on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Google My Business. I believe we upload to about 30 to 35 different social media networks and websites. 

Put the content out there. Put your expertise because the beauty with video marketing is you do the work once and once the video starts to get the views rolling it just keeps on growing and growing and you get more and more people watching your videos over time.

The only way to stop that is when you delete these videos from these social channels or YouTube which you don’t want to do of course. We have been doing video marketing for the last 4 years very aggressively. 

Video marketing is one of the cheapest, most economical and fastest ways to promote your business. Build up your brand, your expertise and generate more leads and sales.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and the video. Hopefully, it gave you some great ideas as to how to generate leads for you and your business.

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