Sustaining and growing your business in a hyper-competitive market can be quite challenging. But Jason Portway tells us how he and his company, JPort Media, helps entrepreneurs to grow and scale their business. He emphasised how market domination is vital through the relevant channel to grow your business.

He told us why it is important to understand the performance metrics. Find out more about what Jason has to say about video domination in the video below:

Video Script:

Hello. I’m with Jason At, DigitalMarketer certified partner, and we’re having a great day so far. Jason presented earlier on, and I’m going to ask him a couple of questions as to who he is, what he does, and some tips and takeaways from today. Hi, Jason. How are you? I’m good. How are you? I’m very well, thank you. Lovely presentation earlier on, Kelly, I opened up for you. You were the main event I opened up for you. Not at all. Not at all. It’s a great event so far, and I hope you’re enjoying it as well. Yeah, loving it. So tell us a little bit about you, who you are, what you do, and some tips and takeaways for our audience.

Yeah, sure. So I am Jason. I run an agency called JPORT Media. We help scale businesses online. I also run a group coaching program called the Market Domination Coaching Program, where I teach what I call the market domination method, teaching business owners really how to build, grow, and scale their business. Profitably. That’s the most important thing. Profitably. So you talk about market domination. So what channels are you talking about? Podcasts, videos, blogging, content, everything. So, I mean, I think if you could be everywhere, be everywhere.

Some people don’t have the content to be everywhere, but market domination is really working with the channel that works best for you. So if you have the budget and you want to grow and you want to scale, you have paid media to do that. If you don’t want to do it, well, guess what? You have direct mail. You have joint ventures. There are many ways for you to get your name out there and grow your business. Like I said in my presentation, I think we’ve created a society or a time of where it’s become very lazy to be a business owner, where it’s like, I could just put an ad on Facebook and hope my business grows, but not anymore.

So I teach all the different ways that you could truly dominate your market. Brilliant. Sounds really interesting. And your presentation was absolutely brilliant. One little tip on somebody who hasn’t started on the way to market domination. What would that be? If you were to go back to when you started, what you did, and what changed things around for you? Wow. I mean, The first thing I would tell myself is record everything that I do, because having systems in place just allow you to scale yourself really fast, allows you to hire, allows you to build a speed and then move fast. I’m a big believer in paying for results, so I’ll pay to have meetings with people and get the access I need. I’ve invested a lot of money in myself, in my growth, and making sure I’m in the right rooms.

Rooms like this, rooms like people like you. That’s an investment. You’ll see an ROI on that. Forget stocks, forget Bitcoin, and forget all that. Invest in yourself and really focus on really learning and honing your skills. There’s plenty of ways for you to bleed money. You could do it slowly, but I’m a big believer in move fast, pay for the access, and make the mistakes, and learn and save yourself a lot of time. Thank you so much. A pleasure to meet you today. Thank you. And hopefully, we’ll be catching up soon. Yeah, for sure, for sure. Thank you. Thank you. Bye.

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