How To Increase Page Loading Speed

A recent study found that if you boost page loading speed by 0.1 seconds, you can improve your conversion rate by 8%. Page speed is integral to the user experience. 

If a page takes a long time to display, this leads to reduced average time on the page and higher bounce rates. What’s more, lengthier load times may also have a damaging effect on conversions. 

Keen to speed up your page loading speed but not sure where to begin? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. 

What Is Page Speed?

Essentially, page speed is the rate at which the content on your page loads. It’s not to be confused with site speed – this is how long it takes for a website’s sample of page views to load. Page speed is defined as:

The time it takes your browser to obtain the first byte of data from the web server (time to the first byte). The time it takes to completely load the content on a certain page (page load time)

How To Speed Up Page-Loading Speed

Go to Google PageSpeed Insights, and then you will come to a page like this, where you put in the URL of your page or your website. Next, it gives you marks, auto diagnoses your website out of 100, and if there are any issues, it tells you, then your web team will need to sort it out. 

Ideally, you want all of these metrics to be in green. Roughly 70% of our traffic is from desktops, which surprises us – we wonder why so many people use their desktops and laptops rather than their smartphone. 

Mobile is very little, but even on mobile, performance is about 79 or 80. The rest is all about 90. Make sure your website is lightning fast – all these ad platforms will reward you for having a speedy landing page experience because they recommend you from the ad platform. 

They are sending visitors from Google, Facebook, TikTok and all these places. And if your website is horrendously slow and not generating an efficient landing page experience for the user, they’ll hammer you with higher CPC. 

It’ll be a false economy if you don’t pay attention to your website and let it run the way it is – you’ll end up paying a lot more for paid ads. 

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