Lead generation and e-commerce sales are something that every store owner has a huge emphasis on. So we decided to talk with Lauren Petrullo, who is the CEO and Founder of Mongoose Media. She shared her experience with a client who she helped increase their sales in a short time.

One of the key takeaways that Lauren shared with us is how marketers today focus on the next shiny thing rather than core aspects. Therefore, they miss out on various opportunities for their business. Watch the complete video to get more insights from Lauren:

Video Script:

Hi. This video is going to a little bit different because I’m not talking to Lauren, I’m interviewing Lauren Shoes. Hi, Lauren Shoes. How are you? They’re a bit shy right now. They’re going to go into hiding. They shouldn’t be shy because if they know who you are, they shouldn’t be shy at all. Oh, there’s just not enough space for both of us and our egos in the room. So we both are marketers and we’re going to do things differently because we don’t do the normal, do we? No. Normal boring. And normal is outdated and often missing foundational requirements. Which is really unfortunate. The message which everybody gets to hear is about the audience all the time. What’s in it for them? We’re not doing this video for them. It’s about me. me. All right, so we’re going to talk about you and me. And that’s it. It’s my favourite topic. Okay? So introduce yourself, who you are, what you do to everyone.

Hello everyone. My name is Lauren Petrullo and I am the CEO and owner of Mongoose Media digital marketing agency based in Orlando, Florida. And we service lead generation and ecommerce clients across North America and Europe. So why should someone hire you? Because of your shoes and because I’m tall and fancy nails and Uzair’s best friend. I can keep going. But no, I mean I do have some really cool testimonials. We’ve been referral based. We’ve invested no money in marketing, but we’ve seen four digit increase of investments. We’ve consistently broken inventory systems for ecommerce clients. That sounds really bad. But you’ve blown them away that they’re out of stock. One client actually, she bruised her tailbone because she fell out of her chair when she thought I had reversed robbed her in the sense that she called her bank and said I’ve never seen so much money. Did someone reverse rob my account? Really? And that is a true story. No, I made it up. Of course it’s true.

Who lies about a Bruce Hill? I didn’t kick her rear end, but our marketing did. Out of her chair. That is a very cool story. Have you made a case study out of that or not? Well, you will be now, we really should. I mean we’re 100% referral based, so we have not put in the time for our own marketing at first. Well, that’s a very bad excuse. You’re right. But we keep doing so well for our clients that we haven’t had to. But you’re telling me I should. I listen to the master. So you literally kicked ass. That’s right, isn’t it? You kick somebody’s ass, literally. Our marketing did with the success kicking their ass. Well, I shouldn’t say that word, sorry. But it was good. When she called saying I literally fell out of the chair, I was not mad. I said I’m sorry for your pain, but I’m really smiling right now.

That’s good. Okay, on a serious note now do we do serious? Okay, let’s do serious. So you travel a lot. I’ve seen you at various events. Last time we met was in Charlotte at Scott’s event. What has been the biggest takeaway so far today from today’s event? Takeaway would just be, again, there emphasis of following the foundation. Jason said it, while we’re like marketing, doesn’t have to be sexy shoes. Yes, but what’s not normal is that a lot of marketers or agencies or freelancers will try whatever is next and shiny and skip so many core foundational elements, which is what you would think is normal, following the basic rules. Good pitch, good offer, seamless funnel so that you don’t lose the follow up. But really, that’s not normal, which is what you and I and our teams are able to do. So the takeaway is like one validation. Okay, good, I’m doing the right thing.

But also, I really enjoyed when you spoke earlier about how you were able to refine a process that took you two years. But when someone invests or listens to or best friends with smart people, you really get the shortcut with a small investment of time and money at the expense. You did have two years to craft your process where it’s a hands free system for you. Yeah, it took me a long time, but I didn’t want to rush it because I was new to this video marketing as well. So, yeah, the message is that you can fail, but you keep getting up and keep it going. Yeah, keep going and keep going up. Okay, one last question. Since Mark is here, you can turn the camera around to Mark. He’s videoing us and we’re going to video him. So last final word. And Michelle is on the way as well, so she can also be in the video. One last final comment about the DM team. How do you find these events? I wish I knew about these events when I was in college because I would have not invested as much money into older education systems with outdated printed materials.

What I learned from my cohort of marketers far surpasses what I can see sometimes on YouTube, because some of the ranking stuff on YouTube is so old because people aren’t necessarily producing content. But I have a community of people that understand challenges, like not getting paid. Shut up. You’re supposed to say how brilliant they are. They are great. They’re amazing. They’re amazing. No, sorry. Okay. The DM team puts on these events where we get to meet other cohorts of humans. They organize content that we can consume. That’s better than a lot of stuff that’s on YouTube. Because it’s not on YouTube yet. It’s doing it again. It’s not on YouTube yet, but they hold your hand. It’s like a fraternity of smart humans. They’re standing in front of you. You got to say, yes, they’re bloody brilliant. They’re bloody brilliant. Especially Michelle and Mark. Thank you. Thanks for watching.

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