In this blog, we thought we would help you understand a little bit more about Google Analytics and why it’s so vital you use this tool on your website and with Google Ads.

Google Analytics is a hugely underutilised tool, but when set up and used correctly Google Analytics can help you target the right customer for your business and needs. By linking your Google Ads with Google Analytics you can start to work smarter and spend less time chasing customers.

In this video, you will learn how Google Analytics can be used and what to track and analyse.  

Getting Started With Google Analytics

The starting point is to collect basic data from your website; to do this you need to have a Google Analytics account.  

Follow these simple steps to begin:

  1. Go to to create an account.  Click ‘start for free’. If you already have an account click on ‘sign in to analytics’.
  1. You need to set up a ‘property’ within the account. Property is the collection point in Analytics for the data from your website or app.  You can learn more about properties here:
  1. There are various types of reports that you can create, some of them are called ‘views’ which help you to filter different aspects of your data, e.g. you could set up a reporting view in your property to show all data generated by your company’s internal IP address or just data concerning specific sales in a region.
  1. Add your websites tracking code information by following the prompts, this is important to do in order for your data to be recorded in your Google Analytics property.

Next Steps To View Your Data

You will need to set up and configure your account properties and views to determine how and who can access your data and what they see. Then you can move onto:

  • Grant other users permissions in order for them to alter the configurations and play with the data, under ‘user management’.
  • Link Google Ads and Analytics to share data between users understand how your marketing strategy affects the user behaviour as well as assessing the effectiveness of the setup of your sites and apps. 
  • A great tool is to set up ‘goals’ so you can single out the specific actions that you want your users to carry out whilst on your site or using your app, and assign a monetary value to their actions. For more information on goal setting take a look here:

Using the Google Analytics App

After installing the tracking code on your website or app and configuring the analytics account you can then download the Google Analytics App from Google Play. You’ll then have the power to carry out analysis and reporting on the move!

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