How To Optimize Your Landing Page

Here at SF Digital, we are really passionate about helping people get the most out of Google and all it has to offer. This blog gives you an overview of how to set up ‘landing pages’. Landing pages are the link between your ad and website, which enables you to showcase what you want your potential customer to purchase or sign up to.

The purpose of your landing pages

Your landing pages have an important role in converting clicks into returning customers. As soon as a person opens your ad they will have the expectation that they are going to be directed to a page that relates to what they have just seen. When that doesn’t happen straight away and they don’t see what they want, the likelihood of them leaving is very high. 

Your landing page must match your Google ad and keywords

You must select a landing page that is going to match your Google ad and keywords. Let’s say you have a keyword of ‘discount shoes’ and you are running an ad promoting a 20% discount off certain shoes, your customers need to be able to view those products on your landing page that is being sold with a 20% discount.

Landing pages need to line up with your call-to-action shown within the text of your ad. If for example, the aim of your ad is to engage customers and make them take part in a free tour, then the best option would be to use a ‘sign-up’ form as a focal point on your landing page. In other words, the link between your landing page and ad connects a potential customer to make a purchase. So having a strong and relevant link between the two enhances your chances of conversions.

Making your website mobile-friendly

A proportion of potential customers will be using their mobile devices to access your website and pages. Bear in mind when designing your landing page that everything will look smaller and it may be harder for your message and images to stand out for people to navigate around. 

Make sure that you check if the mobile site speed is going to become a cost for your customers, you can find some methods to improve it here: Test your site.

Tips on building an efficient mobile site:

  • Make it fast
  • Simplify how they can contact you
  • Make the navigation easy

Making a landing page easy to navigate

Simplify, simplify, simplify how your customers can perform all the relevant actions they need to do in order to: order your product, contact you or complete an enquiry form. Avoid the pitfalls of too many clicks to get to where the information they want to find to make a purchase. Stay away from too much clutter in the way of excessive ads and pop-ups. 

Put the most relevant information at the top of your landing page to make an immediate impact and avoid losing them halfway through them scrolling through your page.

Your content needs to be useful and unique to stand out. Provide information that is original to showcase on your landing page and try to be clear on the product or service and what it can do for your customers. Adding reviews is always a good method to use to illustrate real opinions from different customers.

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