How To Promote Affiliate Links On Google Ads

Unfortunately due to Google’s policies, terms and conditions you cannot and should never use affiliate links. Your Google Ads account will have to be suspended due to a breach of policies.

However, there is a way to do affiliate marketing. You will need to have a ‘bridge page’ between the ad and the offer page.

For example: 

  • Let’s look at Mailchimp, a big email marketing company. Firstly, you sign up for the affiliate program, as many marketing companies do. You would then get a link for your affiliate marketing.
  • You would make a blog or a landing page and then offer something of value to the audience. So when they are searching for Mailchimp, your ad pops up. It could be any type of ad, it be text ad, display ad or video ad.
  • Your blog will be full of content of information and value to the audience and within that landing page, you can add a call-to-action (CTA) for the audience to go through your landing page and sign up to Mailchimp.

Remember: To put full disclosure that it is an affiliate link and you will get compensated if the audience decides to click on said link.

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