How To Promote YouTube Videos With Google Ads

Make sure you know that YouTube Ads are exactly the same as video ads and Google Ads. You can only run video ads on YouTube through Google Ads. YouTube is within the Google umbrella and is owned by Google.

Do you want to get more views for your YouTube videos? In this video, you’ll discover how to set up a Google Ads video campaign with YouTube video to boost YouTube Channel growth to get more audiences into your funnel at a fraction of the cost.

How to promote your YouTube video with Google Ads

  • Step 1: First thing you need a video. So upload a video onto your YouTube channel. 
  • Step 2: Link your YouTube channel to Google Ads
  • Step 3: Go into your Google Ads dashboard and set up a video campaign for that chosen video.

How to set up a video ad campaign

Step 1: Find the Google Ads campaigns tab

Google Ads Campaigns Tab

Step 2: Click on the blue plus (+) button on the left

How To Create Google Ads Campaign

Step 3: Click new campaign

How To Setup Google Ads Campaign

Step 4: Choose whichever campaign goal you have, it could be more sales, leads or website traffic.

Google Ads Campaign Goals

Step 5: Once the goal is chosen, select a YouTube video.

Google Ads YouTube Campaign

Step 6: The video ad campaign settings will pop up and you will have to enter all the details; budgets, dates, bids, target audience etc.

YouTube Campaign Setup

Step 7: The tab that says ‘Create your video ad’, that is where you copy and paste your YouTube video URL 

YouTube Campaign Ads

Step 8: You can then create your headlines, call-to-action and banners for the ad.

YouTube Campaign Google Ads

Step 9: Click create campaign

How To Create YouTube Campaign

That is our quick and easy step by step guide on how to create and promote Google ads within YouTube. Using this tool will essentially give you and your company free branding on YouTube even if the audience skips the ad. We highly recommend using the Google Ads feature for your YouTube videos.

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