If you’re starting to hear about responsive search ads more and more, it is because Google automatically defaults them when you want to create a new ad. But don’t worry, you can still set up expanded text ads too. 

So, how do I set up a Responsive search ad?

Google Ads Campaign

Step 1: Find the campaigns tab in the Google Ads Interface.

Google Ads Ad Groups

Step 2: Select your ad group from the list provided

Google Ads and Extensions

Step 3: Find the Ads & Extensions tab

Google Ads Responsive Search Ads

Step 4: Click on the blue + sign on the left and click on Responsive search ad

Responsive Search Ads Ad Strength

Step 5: Having your ad strength above Good or Excellent is what you need to rank on Google. If it’s below Good, you may need to rewrite your headlines to make them more keyword-friendly.

Make sure you don’t overuse keywords in every headline and don’t use all the characters provided for each headline. Having a variety of headline characters will be best for them to be used on Google.

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