How To Set Up YouTube Ads Campaign

Learning how to create a video ad in Google is so important if you are hoping to reach out to your audience. 

We’ve outlined just how you can put together a Google Ads YouTube Video Campaign – and you can click the link to watch a handy video explaining it all, too! Let’s dive in!

Creating Your New Campaign

To be able to promote your products or services across Google’s network, you need to create a new campaign. It’s with this that you can reach out to the search results, websites, videos and mobile app networks, maps and more. It’s totally up to you as to which campaign type you pick as it depends on your brand strategy and marketing goals, not to mention how much of your own time you can invest. Every single available campaign has its own ads and methods of targeting the audience. For example, you can choose a video campaign and have it available on YouTube.

How To Create A New Campaign

Below, we have instructions listed to show you how to create your new campaign:

Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Campaign & Goals – Start with creating a new campaign and choosing your goal, which will work to determine the best campaign for your audience.

  • Sign in to the Google Ads account and click Campaigns on the left menu
  • Select a goal for your campaign and if you can’t see one that fits, select one without a goal’s guidance!

Campaign Types – This will be where your audience sees your ads, and each type has different best practices

YouTube Video Campaign
How to Create YouTube Video Ads

  • Select your campaign type and subtype (if needed)
  • Select settings on the next page set up ad groups and get your ads created
  • Ad types include search, display, video, shopping, local, app and discovery. You can even simplify your campaigns with Smart ad types.

Creating A Video Campaign

As you may know, people are more visual than anything else. The number of users on YouTube is climbing and it’s because we love to while away the hours watching great content. With the right video campaigns, you can extend your reach and engage your audience while they watch YouTube videos. When you choose to create a video campaign you can pick different goals and campaign subtypes, new ad formats and more to tell people about what you are offering. For your campaign to be a success, you need to have everything aligned correctly, from your budgets and bidding to the right targeting to reach your goals. Let’s take a look at how to do it:

  • Goals. You need to choose a campaign goal before you get started and it should align to what you want from your campaign, whether that’s to increase your web traffic or to expand your reach. You can choose your goal to determine your campaign subtype, which will determine the ad format you use.
  • Budget. Your chosen budget will reflect how often your video ad will show up and how widely they will be featured to your audience – the more you budget, the bigger the reach! Set up a bid strategy and budget to go alone with it, and if your campaign spends the budget in full, you can then increase the budget.
  • Reach. You can adjust your campaign to reach those searching for your brand, those who speak certain languages or those with an interest in campaign targeting. Ads also allow you to add content exclusions, too, which means that your ads won’t run next to sensitive content. You can set up campaign targeting to help!
  • Organise. You can create ad groups that will allow you to organise your ads by a theme. If you sell a specific product, you can create different ad groups for each product category. You then can define the people you want to reach via your ads, from demographics to audiences. If you narrow your targeting by adding the relevant keywords, you can begin creating your ads, too!
  • Relevance. Your video ads have to be relevant as well as catchy, so make sure that you use good call-to-actions and other features to inspire others!
  • Optimise. You can reach a broad audience and build awareness if you want to make your YouTube video campaigns better. You can drive more action and use video to fit smartphones, which offers a better user experience, too!

Your Campaign, Your Way

Do you need to pause or remove a campaign? You can pause, resume or even remove a campaign as you please and pausing them will allow you to stop ads from showing. At any time, you can change up your campaigns! When you remove a campaign, it’s on a permanent stop and you can’t resume it, so be aware of that before you continue! To pause or resume a campaign, you can sign in to your Google Ads account, click Campaigns and dictate what happens next by clicking the status application. To hold the campaign, simply click Pause. You can even remove or update more than one campaign at the same time. You can check the boxes that apply and click Edit, then either click to resume, pause, or remove.

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