We’ve created this short article to help you learn all about Call Ads and how they could help your business. We’ve also included a handy step-by-step guide as to how to set up call ads conversion tracking, giving you a way of monitoring ad performance. 

Call ads are specifically designed to encourage people to call your business for a service or product, or perhaps to make a booking. Of course, call ads can only appear on devices that support making phone calls! If a potential customer clicks your ad, the button will make a call directly from their device. 

Tracking Your Calls From Ads

You can use conversion tracking to help see the effectiveness of your call-only ads as well as call or location extensions that lead to phone calls to your business.

This type of tracking treats a call as a conversion as long as it lasts longer than a minute. This is to ensure that any nuisance calls, those made by mistake and short calls that do not lead to a sale, are not included in the tracking.  

There are two main methods that you could use:

  1. Track calls when they lead to sales or other types of conversion; in this case, you can create an import call conversion action
  2. Or you can choose to view all call actions leading to conversions via phone call conversion tracking.

Benefits Of Call Ads

Conversion tracking is a free tool that helps you to see and understand the effectiveness of your keywords, ads, ad groups, and campaigns,  enabling you to manage your budget more closely and boosting your overall ROI (return on investment). Actively running different types of conversion tracking gives you the added advantage of access to different automated bid strategies such as target cost-per-action (CPA) and target return on ad spend (ROAS), both of which are tools designed to automatically optimise your ad campaigns in-line with your business goals.

How To Set Up Conversion Tracking For Call Ads

To track phone calls from your ads you first need to ensure that you have a Google Ads account. You can sign up and create an account here: https://ads.google.com

You will need: 

  1. An active call extension, location extension with a call option, or call-only ad
  2. At least one call extension, location extension or call-only ad
  3. Make sure that your call reporting is enabled by checking in your account settings
  4. Check that your business is operating in an eligible country: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/2454052#cfcountries

Step-By-Step Guide To Setting Call Ads Conversion Tracking

  • Start by signing into your Google Ads account
  • Go to tools;  under the ‘Measurement’ drop down click on ‘Conversions’
  • Click the blue plus (+) button
  • Click on ‘Phone calls’
  • Select either ‘Calls from ads using call extensions’ or choose ‘call-only ads’
  • Click Continue
  • Go to ‘Category’. Choose a description for your conversion action from the drop-down 
  • Under ‘Value’ enter in each phone call value or if you don’t want to you can select ‘Don’t assign a value’
  • Under ‘Count’. Select if you are going to count ‘one’ conversion per ad click or ‘every’. Every is considered to be best for sales calls, and One is best for lead generation. 
  • Select ‘Call length’. Here, type in the minimum required length of time in seconds that a phone call must last for it to be considered a conversion.
  • Click the ‘Conversion’ window. Select how long after an ad click you want to track conversions for.  The window can be between 1and 60 days.
  • Go to ‘Advanced’ and click Include in conversions. Selecting this will include data for this conversion action in your ‘Conversions’ reporting column. 
  • Click on ‘Attribution model’. This setting lets you choose how to assign credit for each conversion: either ‘last click’ or ‘first click’ that the customer made along the path of conversion. You can learn a lot more about that here: Attribution models
  • Finish with clicking Create and continue

This is a brief breakdown of the steps to set up. There are many other reports and items that can be tracked to help you get the most of your Google Ads and your web presence. 

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