How To Setup Gmail Ads

Gmail ads are an interactive branch of Google ads that appear in the promotions and social tabs of your inbox. Potential customers can interact with your ad differently, depending on its layout. In some cases, the Gmail ad will take people directly to your landing page. You can also create separate advertising material using videos and images, which is one of the main advantages of a Gmail campaign. The benefit of Gmail ads is that you can create engaging content to promote your brand, and there are many useful targeting features. Here is a video guide on how to set up Gmail ads.

How to create a new Gmail campaign

You can find Gmail ads in Google Ads accounts. If you select your accounts, you can open up a new campaign. Set up your conversions and then go to “display campaign”, here you can click on “Ads and Extensions” and select the Gmail option. You can then provide all the relevant information such as budget, timeframe, target demographic and any images or video content. Google will help you by generating relevant keywords for you during the setup. Choose your bidding options as normal with PPC ads on the suggested keywords.

Set budget and schedule

In tools and setting, you’ll be able to set your budget and schedule for your Gmail campaign. If you would like to prevent overspending on any campaign you could opt for using a shared budget. This will be used for all your ad campaigns. If you run all your ads evenly, you will be able to test which ones are working for you, you can then assign a separate budget for each according to their effectiveness.

Set up your schedule and select the days and times for your ads to go out. If you like, you can set an end date for your Gmail campaign as well. This might be useful if it’s only a seasonal campaign or a temporary promotion, otherwise it will depend on your budget.

Targeting tips

With Gmail ads, you have extensive targeted options. You can choose the key features of the demographic you want to target including age, gender, and location. You can also use in-market audiences to reach out to people who are more likely to convert, because they’re already looking for the product or service your business offers. Google allows you to choose different ways to target your audience such as automated targeting and specific customer match. It’s a good idea to try out a few options and figure out which works for you.

Images and video

As with email marketing, Gmail ads allow you to send your business name, subject line, and URL, but the great thing about Gmail ads is that you can also use engaging images and video. Preview these images and videos to how they will look on different devices. You can also preview how the ad will look in an inbox. Not to mention, you can add a variety of different images and headlines for your ads and Google will test them all to find out which are the most effective. 


Include a strong call-to-action in your ads. This is important as you’re essentially telling your target audience what to do after seeing your ad. Use phrases such as “learn more” which don’t have any obligation to buy or subscribe to anything. This will encourage potential customers to find out more about your brand or any relevant promotions or news.

Optimising your gmail ads

Google will test the range of content you’re using on your Gmail ad campaign and figure out which is proving the most successful. Gmail uses specific metrics to check the performance of your campaign. There are several tools you can use to test your ads. Enable “Gmail clicks to website”, for example. This will indicate whether your ads take people to your site. You can compare these to clicks on the ad itself, which will tell you whether it’s working. It’s also recommended to continually review your impressions based on targeting options. 

Gmail ads are an effective way to reach out to the right audience. They offer high visibility and the creative and targeting options are numerous. Gmail ads allow you to boost your branding impact and reputation among your audience. With a successful campaign, you can really grow your business. If you would like to learn more about how to set up Gmail Ads in Google Ads, or for additional tips and advice, check out the blog.

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