How To Use Asana Effectively

Asana is a great project and task management tool for businesses. It facilitates communication between teams and allows for efficient tracking and monitoring of their work. It is designed to improve productivity and collaboration and includes many advanced features to help you grow your business. If you learn how to use Asana effectively, you will be able to stay organised and improve workflow management. Asana is suitable for businesses and teams of any size and is an innovation in cloud-based software that allows users to update and access necessary information in real-time. Learn how to use Asana with this video guide and streamline processes, handle multiple projects, and scale your business. 

The main features of Asana

Many of the key features of Asana are based around project and task management. You can keep everyone up to speed on your targets, meetings, and schedules. Asana allows you to improve workflow management with features to help you break down and assign tasks. It also enables you to group tasks and set deadlines to each one. Using Asana, all tasks are presented according to a calendar which adapts to time zones and individual milestones.

Asana’s team communication tool allows you to discuss project performance in real-time. You can continually update the status of the project and give any necessary feedback. You can make announcements or hold team meetings using the communication tool. You can also add guests and collaborate with vendors, contractors, and other stakeholders. 

Asana can also be integrated with a variety of other applications including Microsoft Office 365, Teams, Outlook, OneDrive, Litmus, Salesforce and more. It’s also compatible with file sharing options such as G Suite, Dropbox, and Box. This makes it very convenient to use for many businesses and facilitates the sharing of important information. 

How to use Asana effectively

Asana has different view options so ideally you want to choose the right one for your team or project. Make the most of this feature by customising the task view by adding various sort fields. You can also organise your tasks by level of urgency. This will allow you and your team to automatically see which tasks need to be completed “today”, “upcoming”, and “later”. You can choose to only display the “today” tasks if you prefer.

Add sections to help break up tasks. You can do this by setting the department or timeframe. You can also assign tasks to multiple projects. Asana also has an automated feature for recurring tasks. If there are things you or your team need to do on a regular basis, whether it’s weekly or monthly, you can programme these in.

Using Asana, you’ll need to create a new “board” for each project. This is a clear visualisation of the whole project, each task, and timeline. Make the most of your Asana board by dragging and dropping projects or emailing Asana. If you email Asana with information about a new task at, Asana will automatically add this task to your account. 

The benefits of using Asana for your business

There are several benefits of learning how to use Asana effectively for your business. It automates your to-do list and that of your team, making it much easier to stay on track. It also enables you to communicate better and avoid any misunderstandings. It not only facilitates communication between the team but also increases transparency throughout the company and with clients. You can invite clients as guests to view your shared board and even allow them to make changes.

Cloud-based project and task management software like Asana allows you to streamline many processes and build customised workflows. Asana is compatible with many third-party apps which makes project management less complicated. You can ensure everyone is on the same page at each stage of the project and continually share feedback and statuses.

Asana has an incredibly easy to use interface with the drag and drop feature and ease of assigning and scheduling tasks. It’s a visual tool and very organised. Your team will be able to save time and money while providing a more efficient service. 

Asana enables businesses to see the big picture. The platform aligns all employees and relevant departments working on a particular task or project. If you learn how to use Asana, you can boost productivity and get everyone in your team working smarter, not harder. If you would like to learn more about how to use Asana effectively for your business, or for more tips and advice check out the blog.

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