Google Ads call extensions are the simplest method to include phone numbers in your current ads. If you try to add a phone number somewhere else in your ad text, this could result in the ad being rejected.

Thus, if you must add a phone number, you should use call extensions. Luckily, you can also create call-only campaigns.

How can call extensions help your business?

Google Ads call extensions to allow you to include phone numbers in your advertisements, which may greatly improve Click-through rates (CTR). People can call your company directly by tapping or clicking a button when your call extensions show with your ads.

This implies increased customer involvement with your ads and more opportunities to get and monitor conversions.

Google Ads account levels

Google Ads call extensions can be added at the campaign, account, or ad group levels. Call extensions may be used in both search and smart campaigns. Furthermore, they could also be used in display campaigns to monitor phone calls to a website’s phone number.

One thing to note is that when you use call extensions for all levels, such as the account, campaign, or ad group, a most specific call extension will be utilised. 


If you are running responsive video ads or YouTube ads, then you won’t be able to use call extensions. Instead, you will be able to use sitelink extensions with video ads. If you want to use call extensions, you should run a call-only campaign or call ad.

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