With the Google Display Network, you can reach a huge audience to increase your brand awareness and drive more traffic to your website.

In this article, I will teach you how to use Google Display Network effectively.

Create a Google Display Network campaign

When you login to your Display Network dashboard, click the + Campaign’ button and then select ‘Display Network only’. Try to follow a consistent naming structure and create new campaigns for the different types of campaign you run, such as Gmail ads and YouTube ads.

You will need to select the locations that you wish to target, your bidding model and maximum budget per day.

For remarketing campaigns, you may wish to set some limits within “Frequency Capping” to avoid annoying your audience. Microsoft has done research that revealed that, with remarketing, the conversion rate dropped after the 8th impression of the advert. You may, therefore, choose to set the limit at, for example, 1-2 views per person per day to avoid this. You can find Frequency Capping within the Advanced Settings in your dashboard.

As soon as the targeting has been set up, you can move on to create the copy for your ads. To do this, click upon the ‘Ads’ tab and select the type of Ad that you want to create from the drop-down menu. You can then fill in your copy.

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