The world is rapidly moving towards digitalisation, and every business is now focusing on leveraging Google Ads for their brand. Since customers tend to look for goods and services online, mastering Google Ads is vital for your business. But, not everyone has a firm grasp on Google Ads.

Therefore, you need to become a mentee of someone who is well-known in this arena and has helped other individuals with Google Ads. So, look no further because you can join the “Google Ads Like A Boss” program, where Uzair Kharawala can guide you with relevant tips and strategies.

Uzair has years of experience and helped brands get a strong command over Google Ads. His mentorship program has helped various people, including Jeff Kingston.

What Jeff Has To Say About Google Ads Like A Boss

Jeff Kingston, who is the Co-Founder & COO at Marketing 32, shared his experience about the “Google Ads like a Boss” program. He added how the program helped them streamline their process for Google Ads for their agency. Jeff previously struggled with Google Ads and was recommended to join the program by his peers.

After joining the “Google Ads like a Boss” program, Jeff was able to improve his company’s structures and found it easy to run their operations for Google Ads. He said how Uzair helped him simplify each and every step so they can enjoy optimal results from their efforts.

Furthermore, Laurel Clanahan, who is the paid advertising manager at Marketing 32, added that working with Uzair has helped her create a robust system for client onboarding. She was able to use Uzair’s tips to streamline the process of bringing on new clients.

Uzair pinpointed the issues and gave them resolutions to fit well according to their situations. He helped them by personalising their approach, seeing their process, and then giving them relevant suggestions to help with their systems.

Become A Member Of The “Google Ads Like A Boss” Community

Google Ads Like A Boss Training Program

One of the best things about the “Google Ads like a Boss” program is that you’ll find people from various backgrounds striving to become the best in Google Ads. And that is how you can learn from other people’s experiences, which makes it easy for you to become a master at Google Ads.

Furthermore, the mentorship by Uzair gives you insight into his personal experience and how he managed to get a comprehensive understanding of Google Ads. So, now is the opportunity for you to become a part of this community to enjoy an immersive experience of learning Google Ads.

Join the free Facebook group of “Google Ads like a Boss” to understand how you can become a champion in running the Google Ads campaign!

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Uzair Kharawala is the Co-Founder at SF Digital. He is a Certified Google Partner, is a Cricket fanatic and loves Photography.
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