We’ve got a great blog post for you all about Google Ads and the use of effective keywords to boost the right type of traffic coming to your site. This blog gives you some tips on how to set up relevant keywords and strategies; refining your keywords on a consistent basis is key to managing your account – let’s take a look together!

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How To Choose Effective Google Ads Keywords

STEP 1: Align your keywords with the goals of your business.

When deciding on how to market your business on Google Ads, aim to use a holistic strategy and think of the various ways how your customers could reach you. Your choice of keywords needs to reflect the range of queries that users and potential customers would enter and that will help them find your site when they are searching for the product or services that you are offering. 

STEP 2: Align keywords and the management of your keywords with high-level business goals.  Different keywords provide different uses, each keyword needs to closely match with its purpose.

Getting Started

Create a new list of keywords within your Google Ads account. Use Google Analytics to help you analyse the success of your keywords and remove any that do not receive a high amount of search results. There is no point in keeping dead keywords that do not drive traffic to your site in your list, reduce your ‘ keyword clutter’ and keep your admin tight!

To learn more about how to align your keywords with your business goals read here: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/6167111

Managing Different Match Type Keywords

You can use Broad Match keywords for long-tail type queries but it is better to save the use of Exact Matches for the high volume and value-adding drivers. This strategy maximises the coverage for relevant queries while reducing time and energy spent on account management. 

It is vital to invest time to learn about the various match types to manage and see what kinds of searches can and will trigger your Ads.  Avoid creating numerous variations of Phrase or Exact Match keywords, as both types expand in order to deal with close variations of keywords. working in this way will reduce the amount of unnecessary clutter within your Google Ads account. 

Streamlining Your Account Management

There are many opportunities within Google Ads for targeting methods, you can use Dynamic Search Ads to add more streamlining to your account management. This avoids repetitive updates to your keyword lists each time changes are made to your site. 

To learn more about creating Dynamic Search Ads take a look here: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/3249700

You can also expand the search reach of your existing keywords, this allows you to maximise your presence across platforms by improving the rank of the keywords. Having a more aggressive bid strategy with superior quality ads will drive more volume to your existing keywords. 

Improve Your Ad Ran With Bids And Ad Text

Did you know that it is possible to expand your reach to potential customers that are not using Google.com by targeting relevant search partners? This means getting more volume just by using the same set of keywords already set up in your account. 

You can learn more about that here:  https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/1722047

The Use Of Negative Keywords

Negative keywords help to eliminate users and traffic coming to your site that is not interested in your product or service. Using negative keywords will help you to save money as it will mean fewer clicks from people that in essence will never convert into customers. The effectiveness of negative keywords will only increase if you choose ones that are not exhaustive and add impact to your Google Ads account. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and got some useful information and tips. 

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