Landing Page Optimization Tips

Google Ads can be a powerful tool to help market your business, but it’s important to understand how to optimize various aspects of the system to get the best results and the highest return on your investment. One important component to consider is your landing pages.

Below, we’ve linked to our video Landing Page Optimization Tips which explains these concepts in greater detail.

In this accompanying blog post, we’re going to discuss more about landing page optimization to drive more conversions.

What are landing pages?

A landing page is essentially a standalone web page that is created specifically for marketing or advertising purposes. It can also be known as a lead capture page or a single property page. Your customers “land” on the page after a search or being directed on social media, and it often contains basic information on the product or service that you’re offering. You typically use a different landing page for different services and products. In some cases, you may use a separate landing page for each area that you offer your local services and products to.

In short, you can think of it as a page that is designed specifically to receive and convert traffic from your online marketing campaigns.

How to optimize your landing pages to drive conversions

There are a number of steps to take that will help you optimize your landing pages with ease.

Understand how your landing pages are currently performing

  • Use data from Google Analytics to help shape your landing pages. Google Analytics offers valuable insights into your advertising campaigns. You can use this data to make informed decisions on how you shape your content such as landing pages.
  • Make use of the Landing Pages page in Google Ads. This will help you prioritize your efforts by understanding how your pages are performing. You’ll receive information such as which pages aren’t mobile-friendly and which pages are getting a low number of clicks and conversions.
  • Use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to improve pages for mobile users. Designing your landing pages to be mobile-friendly is important because there is an increasing number of mobile web users. It ensures that your landing pages work well on all devices and not just newer ones or desktops.

Redesigning landing pages to be efficient

  • Ensure that your website is easy to read and use. This includes making text legible, removing clashing colours and making links large enough to tap with a phone screen without accidentally clicking something else.
  • Communicate with your website designer. If you’re not the one that also creates your landing pages, you’ll want to communicate changes with your designer to optimize your pages.
  • Reduce load times. There are many ways to do this, such as creating AMP versions of your landing pages and removing large content such as videos and oversized images.

Offering a better experience with your landing pages

  • Create original and useful content that users will want to read. Landing pages can often be filled with pushy marketing jargon that doesn’t create a good experience for the user. Instead, inform the user by creating relevant and helpful content that is original and unique.
  • Optimize the navigation of your landing pages. Users shouldn’t need to click more than once or twice to get to the pages they want to see. Simply navigation will make browsing your website easier and quicker.
  • Make your site trustworthy and transparent. Add your contact information, explain your products in greater detail, and make sure you let visitors know why you need their personal information if you ask for it.

Learn more about landing page optimization

Landing page optimization can be an in-depth and detailed concept. If you want more information, check out the resources below for further reading. Be sure to check out the video at the top of the page for more details as well.

You can also contact us directly at SF Digital Studios if you want to learn more about marketing and how to optimize your landing pages. Simply contact us today for more information and we’d be glad to help you.

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