In this video tutorial, you will learn how to link your Google Analytics to Google Adwords.

So why do you need to link Google Analytics to Google AdWords? It is extremely important to link both the accounts as Google Analytics offers a ton of data which can be used to enhance the ad performance and optimise your campaigns.


If Google AdWords is our vehicle to take us to our destination, then Google Analytics is the dashboard of the vehicle. It would probably be impossible to drive a car if the dashboard is blanked out!

You won’t see any warning lights, how much fuel is left, what speed we are traveling at. In fact, it will be quite impossible and pretty dangerous to drive like this.

So why would you drive your business without all the KPIs and the data which you can see in Google Analytics?

In this video, I show you how you can link both the Google Analytics and your AdWords account. For more video tutorials & tips, visit our blog here.


Video Transcript

Hello, one of the biggest mistakes advertisers make when using Google AdWords, is not linking their Google Analytics account to AdWords. In this video, I’m going to show you why and how you must link both the accounts.

Hello, I’m Uzair and thanks for joining in. If you like videos like this one, then please enter into comment box below any questions or problems you may have and, I will do my best to create a video for you. So let’s get started, why you should link your Analytics accounts to AdWords and why it is a good idea. Before you start any Adwords campaign, you must link both the accounts and it is extremely important that you do so. Imagine AdWords is your car or the vehicle to take you to your destination. Analytics is your dashboard of that car. Now when we sit in the car to start driving, the first thing we look at is at the dashboard. We want to see whether we’ve got any fuel left in the car, any warning lights coming up whilst we’re driving, what speed we’re looking at, so we’re constantly looking at the dashboard.

Imagine if the dashboard was blanked out and we couldn’t see anything on it. It would be pretty dangerous and pretty impossible to drive our car safely without crashing, or without breaking any speeding laws, and also how much fuel we have left before the car comes to a standstill. This is what happens when you don’t link Analytics and AdWords together. You’re driving blind literally. You don’t know what’s happening and additional data which can flow from Analytics, really helps you to cut out the wasted spend in AdWords. So Analytics is going to help us improve our return on investment, make other campaigns a lot more profitable. So that’s why we must link Analytics to your AdWords account. So before you start any campaigns please link both the accounts.

Okay, here’s how we link it. From your AdWords interface, go into measurements and Google Analytics. Once it loads up, you go to your admin at the bottom left hand corner, and down in the middle column under property, you will see a link for AdWords linking. You click in there, and then you select your account, now I’ve got loads of clients accounts in here but you may not have this many, so I will select the AdWords account which I want linking to this Analytics account and click Continue. You can then name the account name over here, and if you’ve got multiple views in Analytics, then switch on whichever one you want. Most accounts usually have maybe a master view or a test view. So I’m just going to click on the Master view and this is quite important over here which is the auto tagging. So you make sure that it is enabled, so that the data flows between AdWords and Analytics. You click the link accounts.

So now it may take up to 24 hours for your AdWords account to be linked to your Analytics and the data will start to flow between the two accounts, so just give it a day or two, usually it’s a bit more quicker but around a day you start to see the data flowing through. Another thing which you want to do is, creating re-marketing audience list in Analytics and this is very powerful stuff, which I will cover in another video, but to make sure that the data flows, you click on get started. And then you select the view. If there’s only one view then you will see that in here, and you click on next step under audience destination, click on AdWords account, okay it and unable. And now that is all set up, and now it says create a re-marketing campaign in AdWords, which we can create in, so by clicking on this one it will take us back to our AdWords account. If you would like to check whether both the accounts are linked, all you do is go under, set up and then linked accounts. Go to Google Analytics and details, and then you will see that it is linked over here.

As I’ve got other client accounts in here, you can see loads more, but you may only get to see to see just one Analytics property in here and if you would like to unlink one, then you click on the unlink link over there and it’s going to unlink both the properties. One important thing which I would like to add is, make sure that the AdWords and Analytics accounts both are set up using the same email address, so that’s quite important. So once they are both linked in, the data can flow between from AdWords to Analytics and from Analytics into AdWords. It is extremely important that you do link both the accounts before you start your campaigns. So I hope you enjoyed this video, and if you would like me to create videos like this one please enter it in the comment box below. Any problems or questions you may have, and I’ll do my best to create one for you. Thank you for your time, I do appreciate it very much and I look forward to seeing in the next ones by for now.


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