Measuring Brand Awareness

Measuring Brand Awareness

Video Transcript

When you set up a branding campaign your key objective is to both raise brand awareness and availability when you advertise either your product or service.

You can attract brand awareness and how to help you reach your goals and also at the same time to encourage people to visit your website.

The first step in this process is to establish campaign goals. Once you have chosen your goals the next step is to decide on your adverts.

Once you have set your adverts up you next need to observe and monitor the impression you get on your advert, this is essentially the amount of people who are going to end up seeing your advert.

Networks for your brand campaign

There are two main networks within Google where you can run your ads, these are the Search and Google Display Network.

If you choose to opt for the search network you’ll notice these are mainly text adverts, and the display network, as the name suggests, runs text ads alongside images or videos.

Using the Google display network, you have the ability to target ads more efficiently by choosing what websites you want to target and then creating an ad that has a stunning visual impact.

How to measure your brand awareness

  • Impressions – this is basically how many people have seen your advert, essentially how many pairs of eyes have seen your ad which can show how visible your ad has been to the audience. If you want to set impressions as a priority you can create what is referred to as a ‘cost per thousand impressions’ campaign whereas instead of paying per click, you’ll be paying based on how many impressions your ads have received.
  • Engagement – this represents the amount of impressions that have engaged with your product and if branding is your focus you can use what is called a click-through-rate or CTR to measure how effective your ad has been.
  • Reach/Frequency – Reach is the number of visitors exposed to an ad and frequency is the average number of times a visitor was exposed to an ad over a period of time.

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Measuring Brand Awareness

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