Google Ads is one of the best ways to ensure your business can increase its online presence in no time. Companies globally now want to leverage Google Ads Performance Max campaigns to get a competitive edge over others. Therefore, it is vital to keep an eye on the new developments to use them before others.

The Google Ads Performance Max campaigns help you target your intended audience on various platforms. With proper Performance Max campaign optimisation, you can enhance your brand image and recognition in no time.

Wondering what is Performance Max campaign optimisation? How can it help your business?

We will discuss a few tips to help you with your Google Ads Performance Max campaigns. But before that, let’s understand what a Performance Max campaign is and what it entails. Let’s get right into it!

What Are Performance Max Campaigns?

Performance Max is a tool that helps you to create campaigns according to your goals. It enables marketers to access all the Google Ads inventory through a single company.

The Performance Max campaigns by Google aim to help you with keyword-based campaigns. It functions in a way that you can increase your customer conversion rate on various channels by Google, including:

  • Discover
  • Display
  • Gmail
  • Google Maps
  • Search
  • YouTube

The best thing about Google Ads Performance Max campaigns is that it focuses on the conversion goals that you set. It uses Smart Bidding on various challenges to give you more conversions and increase your performance.

As a result, it helps you to enhance your conversion rate. The Performance Max campaigns have various tools that help you achieve your goals, such as:

  • Bidding
  • Budget optimisation
  • Audiences
  • Creative
  • Attribution
  • And a lot more!

These automation technologies assist you in driving growth in conversions. It has a fantastic performance across various marketing and media channel objectives.

Now that you understand what a Performance Max campaign is, then let’s look at the ways to optimise it in the best possible manner. It will help you reap the maximum benefits it offers.

Tips And Tricks For Performance Max Campaign Optimisation

Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns

These tips and tricks will help you optimise and make the most out of the Performance Max campaigns.

Tips for All Business Types

It is ideal to run the campaign for at least four to five months. This way, the algorithm will have adequate information to make a comparison between the performances of different campaigns. Also, it is optimal to include a minimum of 5 versions of text assets, such as four headlines and five descriptions.

We would suggest you use as many assets as possible.

It will improve the optimisation process and give you better results. Furthermore, use the Google Ads conversion tracking instead of the Google Analytics conversion. It is a better choice for cross-device conversions and for monitoring the views on your videos.

Tips for Store Visits or Offline Sales

The first thing you need to do is make sure your campaign is set up in the right way. You should set the campaign duration for at least a month.

The ideal number of business locations you need to have for each account is 10.

Tips for Retail Marketers That Have a Google Merchant Center Feed

Ideally, you should have the same budgets for your Google Ads Performance Max campaigns that you currently have for Smart Shopping ones. It will ensure that the Performance Max campaigns can catch up and know about the past shopping inventory.

Also, after the Performance Max campaigns are all set to go, you can pause the Smart Shopping. By doing so, you will allow the Performance Max campaign to take its place successfully.   

Tips for Online Sales (Non-shopping)

Since the Performance Max campaign is backed by ML (machine learning), it is best to enhance it by providing as much information as you can. Take advantage of various features, such as customer match and remarketing lists as Signals.

In addition, refreshing your creatives are also an optimal way to optimise the Performance Max campaign. Creative is a robust feature that assists you in customising the new products. As a result, you can advertise new products and offers in a better way.

Tips for Lead Generation

Use the offline conversion import to know the accurate value of the conversions. Most importantly, you should utilise value-based bidding techniques to give online and offline conversions the right value.

When using creative, try to add more assets as soon as you notice your marketing message evolving. Also, your image assets need to be of the top quality to meet the guidelines. It will allow the serving on various platforms, which will make the overall performance better.

Make Sure the Products Ready to Deliver

Google Merchant Centre feeds/CSS feeds are the best features that you can find in the new Performance Max campaigns. It replaces the conventional Smart Shopping campaigns, giving you better results.

Though there is no change in the process, it makes it easy to check if the products are ready to deliver. Checking your products are ready to deliver is vital for you whether you want to use the Performance Max campaign for lead generation, online sales, or anything else.

You can check the ‘Products’ menu option to check the status column. It will display more information about it to give you a better idea. You can then check whether the products are ‘Ready to Serve’. They won’t show up on ads if they are not ‘Ready to serve’.

Final Word

The Performance Max Campaign optimisation allows you to make the most out of Google Ads. You can use it to increase your sales in no time and take your business to the next level. So, make sure to use the tips in this blog post to optimise your campaigns in the best possible manner.

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