Welcome to another blog post which features a video from one of our YouTube Live episodes, where I show you how to set up a Google Display Network campaign and also answer viewers’ questions. 

Why Choose Google Display Network?

The Google Display Network is a great way to reach people when they are already browsing their favourite websites sharing YouTube videos, on their Gmail account or generally using mobile devices and apps, which of course is increasingly where our audiences can be found.

The Google Display Network is all about helping you, the advertiser, to find the right audience for your product or service. By using targeting options you can place your ads in front of your audience at the right time and place to maximise your reach.

You can use the following targeting methods to help your campaign’s effectiveness:

  • Use audiences. You can target people that are more likely to already be interested in your products by using similar audiences and in-market audiences 
  • You can use features such as remarketing lists, to help you to refresh people’s memory that has previously been to your website.
  • Use automation to drive more conversions. You can get more conversions by finding the most highly-performing audiences based on your existing audiences and landing page. 
  • By automatically optimising your campaign, Google Ads can learn which audiences work for you. You can also automate bidding, which then automatically adjusts your bid to help you meet your return on investment. 
  • You can further enhance your campaign by using Smart Display campaigns, which put together the best of automated targeting, bidding and creatives to maximise your conversions on Google Ads. 

An image speaks a thousand words…

Have you noticed that when you are on Google looking for a product yourself, you can’t help but notice the images that are displayed and find yourself drawn to those ads?

Well, your audience is behaving exactly the same! 

The display is a great way to engage users with appealing and attention-grabbing ad formats. The Display Network has a great range of ad formats you can try:

  •  Responsive Display Ads. To create a Responsive Display ad, you just enter your ad text, add your logo and images and then let Google do the work to optimise your ads to improve performance. 
  •  Uploaded image ads. You can create and upload your own ads, giving you more control. Ads can be uploaded as images in different sizes or HTML5. 
  •  Engagement ads. Really expand your reach by running engaging image and video ads on YouTube and across the Display Network. 
  •  Gmail ads. You can show expandable ads on the top tabs of people’s inboxes. This is potentially a ‘quick-win’ when someone isn’t even on the GDN, but just on their Gmail account!

If you’re not really tried using the Google Display Network, give it a go; it’s a great way to connect with your audiences and is a really powerful tool in the Google Ads Suite.

If you’re already using Display ads, have a look at some of the many advanced features that really help to drill down into your audiences using automation, which will ultimately give you a better ROI with the better campaign set up.

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