As the wedding season is starting back up again due to COVID-19 restrictions lifting, wedding photographers and wedding photography businesses are wanting to advertise their services more than ever.

In this blog post, we will show how to optimise Google Ads specifically for wedding photographers and how to use the platform to benefit your business and brand goals.

To start, using Google Ads is a sure-fire way of making your business well known to returning and potentially new customers but also building more traffic to your website. 

Google Ads campaigns require you to have a number of keywords dedicated towards your business so Google can target consumers who are searching for those specific keywords. So, for a wedding photography business, you might have keywords like this, for example, wedding photography business, wedding photos, family wedding photos, and so on.

After you have figured out which keywords to use, it’s time to choose your required campaign goal. This decision is important because it decides what your campaign outcomes will be;

Search Campaigns – Text Ads on Search Results

The most commonly used Google Ad campaign type and great for first-time users of the platform. Search campaigns are text or copy based ads on the Google search pages, letting consumers reach your website whilst searching for the products and services that you offer. 

It’s a beneficial way of driving sales, leads or traffic to your site. So for a wedding photography business, this is a great option for you have an online business and you’re wanting to generate website traffic.

Choosing search campaigns can boost your online sales and signups on your website. It’s also an easy setup process, all you need to know and write are your text ads and dedicated keywords. The search campaign type is also great for highly specific targeting, so niche targeting is another bonus for wedding photography businesses. Your business can reach people who are actively searching for what you offer.

Display Campaigns – Image Ads on Websites

Display campaigns are slightly different to search campaigns because you see the ads on an actual website rather than the Google search page. They are image ads on various different websites that let your business reach consumers with visually engaging content ads, like examples of wedding photos.

This type of campaign draws the attention of the customer away from what they’re looking at and straight at your ad, this is a benefit and shows the campaign is working. Display campaigns are a great way to expand your business reach to other parts of the web, not such as the Google search page.

Display campaigns use visually appealing and engaging call-to-action to drive sales and signups for your businesses website. 

They create memorable ads to make consumers aware of your brand and products. This is especially important for a wedding photography business since you want your customers to remember your brand and recommend you to their friends and family. 

Using display ads targets people beyond the search results, so even if they’re not looking for a wedding photographer, your ad may pop up whilst they’re on that specific webpage.

Video Campaigns – Video Ads on YouTube

Video campaigns are becoming more popular within the Google Ads community and this is because of the rise of more people consuming YouTube each day. Millions of people watch YouTube videos each day so using that ad space is a huge benefit for your business and brand.

Video campaigns let your business show video ads on YouTube and other websites. Some video campaigns can help your business boost general awareness of your brand, others are made to drive conversions or get people to your website/online shop.

Video campaigns are obviously very visual so again, great for wedding photography businesses that want to showcase their work or portfolio. Using video ads can make people aware of your brand and products, awareness is key in this process. Video ads can expand your reach and target people beyond their search results whilst they’re on YouTube.

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