The Ultimate Guide To Google Ads For Dentists And Dental Practices

Understanding the specific terms your potential patients will use to find a dentist is key to a successful Google Ads Campaign, particularly in an industry with as many niches as dentistry.

Here, we explore how you can use the right keywords to attract the clients that are looking for your specific services.

What Dentistry Services Do You Offer?

Customers know exactly what they’re looking for when searching for a dentist so general terms are less likely to get you to the top of Google search results. The sooner you can be on a customer’s radar providing the specific solution they need, the more likely you are to motivate action.

So, start by separating the different services you offer, specifically those services you’ll be targeting in your Google Ads Campaigns. Some examples might include:

  • Teeth Whitening Services
  • Family-Friendly Services
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Dental Implants.
  • Orthodontist Services.

Now you have the services, you need to look at your keywords especially for each one. Let’s take the examples one by one to see what we might need to prioritise.

Teeth Whitening Services

Potential customers will be looking for a proven and safe option for white teeth so your keywords will need to provide a solution that offers just that.

You could consider Scientifically Proven for credibility or Peroxide-Free and Zero Sensitivity for reassurance on the safety of your service.

We recently posted a video over on YouTube where we wrote a Google Ads Campaign specifically for Teeth Whitening Services. You can catch up here.

Family-Friendly Services

It would be a fair assumption that if someone is searching for family-friendly services, they might be a parent looking for a dentist that ticks all their boxes. So, what might the boxes be that you can include in your keywords?

They could be looking for a service that’s comforting and accessible to all ages so words like Whole Family, Friendly Atmosphere and Comfortable Dentistry might be good phrases to grab attention.

Perhaps it’s availability that’s key to them, in which case Taking New Patients would be a great phrase.

Or maybe flexibility will be a purchasing driver. So, Saturday Appointments is likely to motivate action because it solves a problem they have.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Potential customers looking for cosmetic dentistry will be wanting to look and feel better – so appealing to them with soothing vanity phrases is likely to engage an emotional response. They might include Beautiful or Natural Smile to bring that personal appeal.

Affordability may be something they’re trying to establish with their search so thinking about Payment Options or Interest-Free Credit is likely to draw them in to learn more.

Building trust will be essential so credentials are likely to play an important role. Including Accredited Dentist and 25+ Years Creating Beautiful Smiles will offer the reassurance that’s needed at the moment.

Dental Implants

Typically, dental implants are for the older generation, a market generally harder to reach in terms of digital marketing. There might also be a lack of confidence in those searching specifically for implants therefore nurturing your audience will be really important.

They’ll need confidence, not only in the end result but the quality and sturdiness of implants so Freedom To Smile And Chew Confidently would be a useful nurturing phase.

They’ll probably need to be reassured that they look natural too so you might create a phrase like As Beautiful And Strong As Your Natural Teeth.

Orthodontist Services

This is a competitive niche to be in and with popularity growing beyond adolescents in recent years, standing out can bring excellent results. So, let’s think about what users searching for braces might be looking for.

They’ll certainly be looking to improve their appearance from what they have now so to tap into that you should create a phrase that answers the need. Get The Smile You Dream Of could fulfil their wish.

They might be wondering whether braces would be a good solution for them personally so including a phrase like Tailored Treatment Plans would give them comfort that they’d be treated as an individual.

So, What Next?

When you’ve categorised your services, choose keywords and phrases that will provide a solution to the problem a potential customer is facing. By niching down your Ads groups, you’ll have a much greater chance of reaching those customers you want to attract.

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