The Ultimate Secret Guide To Video SEO (Dennis Yu With Uzair Kharawala)

Video marketing is the best option to promote your business, product, and services. You can get maximum potential customers by doing effective video marketing and following on-point SEO tips.

To help you understand the fundamentals of video marketing and how you can reach more people through video marketing, we talked with Dennis Yu of BlitzMetrics.

He is one of the best search engine engineers and a great mentor for video marketing. He is a former search engine engineer and built the analytics at Yahoo 20 years ago. Interestingly, he and his partner created the best-selling book on Amazon about TikTok ads and how you can excel in your business by making short-form videos.

For the past six to seven years, he has worked with several seven figures agencies and helped people create more jobs through these 15-sec videos. Moreover, he and Jake Paul are the mastermind behind one dollar a day and are on a mission to create one million job opportunities through education and digital marketing certification.

In this blog post, you will learn about video SEO and marketing tips and different ways to improve video reach or content.

Helpful Tips On Video Marketing

Many people repeatedly ask; how to make quality video content and how to earn through it? Do we need a specific studio, video editor, and other fancy devices to start the video marketing journey?

Dennis shared that creating a quality video is all about good sound and attractive yet short thumbnails. Luckily, getting good sound for your videos is very inexpensive. Wondering how? You can get yourself a microphone to improve the sound of the video.

Important Tip: Place the microphone at 12 inches from your mouth, and you are all set with the creation process.

Let’s dig further into the tips and techniques of video marketing:

  1. Plan The Video

The most crucial step in video marketing and video creation is to plan your video correctly. You should organise the information you want to share with the users or customers. Then, keenly understand the purpose of the video, either the video is to educate the masses or promote a product and service.

At last, comes the budget; your budget should not be too much at the start. First, observe how your videos are doing and if you can target the maximum audience.

As Dennis said, one dollar a day is best at the start. You can spend one dollar creating and promoting your video content on various top-notch platforms.

  • Create A Script

Creating quality scripts for your videos is very necessary. You can be sure, but still, there can be a sudden unplanned event or word. So, it is highly suggested to organise your thoughts properly before displaying them. As a result, it will save a lot of your time, and you won’t have to edit or skip any portion of your video.

We all want a script that can attract maximum viewers – Right? For this, you can follow Dennis’s advice as he shared that a good video has three essential parts; the perfect hook, the solution to the viewer’s problem, and at last, an excellent CTA (call to action).

These things help the users or viewers stay longer on your content, and you can market your products or brand quickly.

  • Use Of Camera And Setting Up Studio

Before you start recording your video, it is crucial to consider learning the proper use of video recording equipment. If you are recording your video using iPhone, make sure to adjust the brightness and display.

Important Tip: Turn off the notifications to avoid any disturbing sound in the background.

Setting up your studio shouldn’t be very overwhelming. You should buy simple equipment like a tripod, a good camera or recording device, and a microphone. All these things are enough to give you a perfect video marketing start.

Implementing Essential SEO Video Marketing Techniques

YouTube Video Marketing Techniques

Once you are done with the video creation process, you should focus on promoting that content on various platforms. Luckily, you can quickly achieve this goal by using the right SEO techniques.

  • Video Transcripts

When you upload your video content, the search engine quickly starts reading your content. To help search engines understand the content better, try to include a transcript so that the content ranks higher and gets maximum attention.

It also helps people watch and understand your message without turning on the audio. However, adding a transcript isn’t an easy task. What can you do? You can hire someone such as an agency or freelancer or use any automatic tool to boost the video. 

  • Create Content According To Audience Interest

Using SEO tips and tricks can help you achieve a good ranking on any platform. But what can you do to catch the attention of your target audience and help them stay longer on your video? Here comes the surveys!

You can quickly deliver the desired and demanded content to the target audience by analysing their interests through different surveys.

  • Use Unique Thumbnail Or Caption

Creating an attractive thumbnail or caption is the perfect way of getting viewers around your content. Your thumbnail is the first thing people see when visiting your website or video. So make sure you are using an engaging and attractive thumbnail.

  • Right Keywords

Selection of proper keywords and then using them in your content is the best way to boost your content as it helps Google in understanding the nature of your content. Using the keyword in the thumbnail and transcript can help you rank better and stand out among your competitors.

  • Observe The Videos Performance

If you have followed all the video SEO and marketing tips carefully, you should check the success ratio of those videos and see how they are performing. For this, you can use Google metrics. To clarify, it is a tool for video analytics, and it allows you to observe the overall performance of your videos.

Important Tip: Work on the videos that aren’t working well, and spend more budget on the excellent performing videos.

If you upload your videos on YouTube, you don’t have to worry about metric detail as YouTube has its analysis metric tool.

Tools We Use & Love!
  • Promotion Of Your Videos:

Now that you’ve applied video SEO and marketing tips, it’s time to promote your videos. Wondering where to promote? There are various amazing platforms for video promotion, such as YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

Important Tip: You should also embed the relevant videos in your blog posts to help the audience understand the nature of your content better.

Benefits Of Effective Video Marketing

SF Digital Studios YouTube Channel

We live in a time where people prefer watching videos to understand things more than reading long blog posts. Isn’t it? So you should also have to move accordingly.

Using video marketing techniques enables your business to reach more audiences within a short period. Let’s dig further to know the benefits of effective video marketing!

  • Video Marketing Increases Sales And Conversion Rates

Do you know the top leading social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube have maximum video content with a watch time of over 1 billion hours?

Yes, you read it right!

This is the reason why video marketing increases sales and conversion rates. So if you are selling something, you can make a video to promote your product or service and target the maximum audience.

Adding videos to articles or service pages increased the conversion rates by 144%.

The best and most engaging product video perfectly explains to the visitor how to use the product, why to use the product and the benefits of getting this product or service.

  • Video Marketing Grows Trust

Doing effective video marketing will boost the trust of your customers in your brand and allow you to reach more people.

Important Tip: You can ask some influencers to review your products in their videos to increase sales.

Reviews from top public figures also enhance the overall credibility of the brand.

Wrap Up

With that said, our complete guide on video marketing comes to an end! Now that you know how to quickly stand out among your competitors using the right video marketing techniques given by Dennis.

Nothing can help your content rank better than perfectly optimised and killer videos. But you need to make sure the content is well organised and well explained.

You can use Dennis’s above-discussed video SEO and marketing tips to create better product promotion campaigns. Moreover, you should use different tools to edit apparent background noises.

All the platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are perfect for video marketing. As Dennis said, if you use TikTok to promote video content, built-in tools are available to edit.

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