The Ultimate SlideShare SEO Tutorial

This Slideshare SEO tutorial will help you get your message in front of your targeted audience, drive more traffic & generate new leads or sales for your business.

SlideShare is a goldmine for SEO and content strategists.

Before I start, did you know that Slideshare is one of the top 100 websites in the world. It has over 80 million visitors per month and gets ranked in Google SERPs and the best of all, your competitors are probably not using this channel.

SlideShare is now part of LinkedIn and is now the biggest website where professionals/businesses share their presentations or powerpoint slides on it.

In the video below, I’m going to show you my complete workflow on how I set up & upload a Google Slides on it with a YouTube video. This allows my presentation to be more interactive and better than any powerpoint presentation which only has text & images!

Google’s search algorithm loves SlideShare. So do your keyword research first and then Title / Description & Tag your SlideShare upload. Remember, although you are optimising your content for search engines, please don’t forget the humans and just don’t stuff keywords which don’t make any sense to read & understand!

Here’s an example of how well SlideShare ranks in Google.

SlideShare SEO Tutorial

Image courtesy of Social Media Examiner

Make It Shareable

Be sure to allow your presentation to be downloadable. SlideShare presentations can be embedded on any website which boosts your branding and authority in your niche. Below is an example of a SlideShare embed.

Top Tips To Optimise SlideShare Presentation

  1. Make the cover/thumbnail of your SlideShare attractive. A great cover design will get the click!
  2. Write SEO friendly descriptions for the robots and the humans.
  3. Include your main keyword in the Title. The title is one of the most important ranking signals for Google, so use it wisely.
  4. Include a video.
  5. Add your company information, products or services
  6. Update your existing SlideShare decks to improve SEO (with links). You can re-upload the file without changing the existing URL.
  7. Allow downloads and make it shareable. This is a must-do!
  8. Choose up to 20 tags for your presentation, around 160 characters.

Here’s How You Embed A SlideShare Presentation On A Blog


To conclude & recap, like all SEO activities, don’t expect instant results from SlideShare. Ranking high in Google may take a bit of time, so need to be consistent in your approach to uploading your content on SlideShare. I promise it will be well worth your time, efforts & energy. Just get started and have some fun 🙂


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