Undoubtedly, Google is the most popular search engine on the planet. In 2021, Google accounted for 92% of all online searches, compared to 2.83% for Bing. But, unfortunately, most people don’t even consider advertising their businesses on Google.

Today, Googling information has become synonymous with utilising the internet in various ways. This is why most people are considerably more likely to use Google to search for a dentist than every other online platform. As a result, you should put your efforts into Google. When used effectively, Google Ads for dentists can help them get more clients than ever.

The Reach of Google is Massive

As we’ve mentioned above, Google is the world’s most popular search engine, and this does not appear to be changing anytime soon. Each day on average, Google receives 5.6 billion queries, which means 63,000 searches per second. However, when we compare these results to the year 2000, Google received just 33 million queries each day!

So, now you can consider how far Google’s reach will be in the next 5, 10, or 20 years!

Using Google Ads is a quick, easy, and very inexpensive approach to get your name in front of your target audiences. Google not only allows you to show your ads to the entire world, but it also allows you to specify your audiences or categories of individuals you want to see your ads.

Target Your Specific Audience with Google Ads

It’s useless to show your ad to anyone on the other side of the planet until and unless the user finds it relevant. So, if you show your ads to everyone without specifying your audiences, you’re wasting your money. Google lets you choose who should see your advertisement depending on a vast set of data factors.

A few of the factors by which you can categories your audience are:

  • Location
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Interests
  • Previous Internet activities
  • Online behavior

You may instruct Google only to display your advertisements to people who visit a specific page on your website and to those who’ve already looked for goods & services related to yours. Not to mention, you can also categories people based on particular events and lifestyles, such as new parents or newlywed couples.

Identifying and targeting only the audiences to whom you would like to market not only makes your ads more effective and successful but also reduces the cost. In this regard, Google offers a plethora of data about each person’s activities takes advantage of it!

The Use of Keywords

Keywords, like tags in SEO, work as tags in PPC marketing allowing search engines to match your ad with a user’s Google search term. So, your advertisement will be shown to your audiences if they use that keyword you have associated with your ad.

It’s vital to remember that when choosing keywords, you’re attempting to know what your target audiences are looking for. You can’t tell them which keyword to use in order to reach you. This is why you must understand insights about their thoughts and learn how they behave online.

So, basically, you need to know what your audiences are looking for. Once you understand these factors, you may use your keywords to duplicate their searches and ensure that your ad is the one they see.

The Best Keyword Strategy

When it comes to Google Ads for dentists and selecting keywords for it it’s a good idea to group keywords by category. Rather than utilising distinct keywords like “London,” “emergency,” and “Dentist,” you should combine them as “London Emergency Dentist.” This will help to reach your exact target audience even further, allowing you to focus on the most likely leads.

The Use of Negative Keywords

Negative keywords can also be used to tag your advertisements. Negative keywords are those that you don’t want your ad to be connected with.

Consider the following scenario for Google Ads for dentists:

Your clinic is located in New York, and one of your ads contains the keywords “Emergency Dentist.” Some of your advertisements may be seen to and interacted with audiences that have browsed for anything like “Emergency Dentist Portsmouth.”

Understandably, you don’t want people 200 miles away to see your ad as it will be a complete waste of your money. Fortunately, Google allows you to add a negative term, and it means that anyone who searches anything containing that term wouldn’t see your advert in the future.

Quick Results

There are two key methods for getting to Google’s front page. These are SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click).

SEO is fantastic since it is free, organic, and effective. However, even if you create the ideal website for SEO, Google will take time to index your website as first-page content. Even if you make countless changes to your website, you’ll still see a gradual increase in traffic.

Numerous elements influence the ranking algorithm of Google, and Google makes every effort to keep them hidden. But, we have good news and a simple solution for you. Fortunately, PPC allows you to pay to have your ad show quickly at the top of Google’s home page within no time.

Google Wishes for You to be Successful

Your success as a marketing platform is in Google’s best interests. In recent years, Google has made it easier and less expensive to advertise on its platform. For sure, there is indeed a lot of information to go through, and there are a lot of minor adjustments and changes you could apply, but you’ll see that the user interface of most of the parts is simple to use. So, even an inexperienced company owner can use it easily.

Furthermore, the user interfaces you experience is very much like the interface used by giant corporations. There are no exclusive features available just to the giant companies. So, you’ll be using the same functionalities as Apple, BMW, and Calvin Klein.

There are also a plethora of blogs, articles, and videos available that show how to obtain the best results with Google Ads. Many of those were actually written by Google!


Without a doubt, Google is the world’s largest search engine. Therefore, Google Ads for dentists will be very effective if appropriately optimised. So, you can easily reach out to your potential patients simply by utilising Google Ads.
Google is unquestionably the ideal option in terms of demographics and reach. Moreover, the platform of Google is relatively inexpensive and simple to use. So, you don’t have to be a marketing genius or technical person to utilise the tool!

Do you need an expert to write Google Ads for dentists?

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