Top Tips for a Killer Email Signature

Why Email Signature?

Signing off the email is not a new concept in the world of emails, where every day an average of 40 emails from a single employee circulates. It is yet debatable on how is email signature important. Considering that with increasing globalization, the need to leave an impact on everything you do is both necessary and the trend of the day. Leaving an impact is not as easy as it seems, and knowing how to end an email with a brief signing off, is even harder. Making the most out of just 3-4 lines you have for signing off; email signatures are an art that only a few have mastered.

Unlike the traditional mails, a business executive does not have the same credibility to his name, as he has with the letterhead of the company while using emails. The only way a business personal seems credible while using emails is when he signs off with his professional addressing. After all, who would feel safe dealing with any Jack, without a corresponding professional information?  

Most often than not, you represent yourself much more than you represent the company while emailing. An email signature is just not “another formality”, it holds a wide potential for you as an individual. The way you sign off the email, says volumes about you. You can either invite yourself a better job opportunity or be just another employee, circulating the business emails, without trying to make an impact.

So, since the email signature is so much more important and holds such enormous potential, what exactly should it look like? While your email signature should attract attention, it has to be professional. It can neither be too flashy, nor too bland too. Then what exactly must it be like??

Here are some of the ideas that can come handy to leave your mark:

Limit your email signature to three to four lines

A business signature must be brief. The basic format which includes your name, title and your company, and your phone number; is used with a few variations here and there. Keeping the basic design in mind one can always add one or two lines more, making it more personalized.

Using the space well, you can add things like:

Show off your expertise and market your product creatively

If you have a business blog or a business-related personal blog, feel free to link it to your email. It is like letting the world know about the blog. With every 10 emails you send across, chances are that 8 receivers open the link. This is a perfect example of marketing your blog.

Top Tips for a Killer Email Signature

Show off your social media profiles

Each business executive has numerous social media profiles to showcase. While the sales representative might be more interested in adding his LinkedIn account, another person may want to add their twitter account.

Adding your accounts artfully is how you make an impact. The following example is one classic way of adding all your active social media accounts, without creating a rush.

Top Tips for a Killer Email Signature

Do not overstuff your email signature

Trying to leave a mark, we usually outdo what is required. Nobody is interested in taking a glance over such big sign-offs, leave alone reading. A precise, actionable sign off pays much better than a heavily clogged email signature.

The following example makes it easier to understand why clogging information is both unattractive and needless.

Top Tips for a Killer Email Signature

Do not shy away from putting up your business headshot!

The first thing that grabs the attention of a person is a picture. It leaves a long-lasting impact on the mind, and thus creates and an immediate impression. While yes, a picture is attractive, but not any random picture.

Putting your face, to your profile, is the type of picture that leaves an impact. It gives a sense of belonging to your account, and also adds a hint of colour, not overdoing anything.

Looking at the email signature of Jessica Reed, it creates an immediate impact on the mind. You are more likely to remember her, over the other people emailing you.

Top Tips for a Killer Email Signature

Use Space Dividers for Fitting in More Information

While not much information is clogged in an email signature, yet space dividers come handy while adding up extra information. Proper space management allows you to include a lot more information compactly. You can easily divide information such as your logo, name, call-in-action, visiting details, phone number etc.

Picking up an example, Jake Crowley has arranged the information much compactly in a relatively smaller area.

Top Tips for a Killer Email Signature

Use your Company Name as a Thematic guide

It is very important to not neglect the company name altogether. The best thing to do in a situation where your company demands that their logo to be more prominent in your signature is to adjust your signature according to the theme of the logo. This restriction may bound some people, while some any feel happy about the restriction to their possible choices.

Taking an example here, we can see how carefully the colours are blended well in such a way that there is no prominent distinction between the company logo and personal details.

Top Tips for a Killer Email Signature

Do Not Use Fun Fonts

It is never formal to use fun fonts while doing your email signature. While one must stick to only two fonts while writing the email signature, none of them should be informal. A proper formal font must be used.

Such informal fonts decrease your credibility as a business person. It shows lack of seriousness and leads to a loss of a good number of clients.

Here, taking the following example, it seems as if some child, who has just started learning computers, has created this email signature.

This is one of the greatest points that you must avoid under all circumstances.

Top Tips for a Killer Email Signature

A consistency in the tone of whatever you have mentioned in the email or the call to action must be harmonised with the tone of your email signing too. Now that we are much aware of the do’s and the don’ts of the email signing, I hope that you start using our own, sooner, to leave the impact.

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