Types of Google Ads Campaign

Types Of Google Ads Campaign

Google Ads offers a variety of different campaign types. From search campaigns to video and app campaigns, there are many different types to choose from and they each help to drive sales, leads and traffic in different ways.

We’ve included our video on the different types of Google Ads campaigns that are available in 2020. This video is an in-depth look at the various different campaign options available and also explains their various uses and benefits.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the various types of Google Ads campaign types to help you decide what to choose for your circumstances.

Choosing the right campaign for your needs

There are a number of different Google Ads campaigns types. Each one has a specific use and some are better suited for various kinds of services and products. Let’s examine each one in detail and explain some of the benefits.

Search campaigns

Search campaigns are essentially text ads on search results. They let you reach people when they’re searching on Google for the products and services that you might offer. These are great for driving leads, traffic and sales since they can be shown to people who are actively searching for things that you offer.

  • Search campaigns are great for boosting online sales and signups especially if you have a longer sales cycle.
  • They’re very easy to set up and maintain. Simply write text ads and pick keywords with no special assets or files needed.
  • You can target very specific audiences to reach people that are actively searching for the products and services you offer.

Display campaigns

Display campaigns focus on visual elements. This is a great way to expand the reach of your Search campaigns and also allows you to follow up with remarketing ads.

  • Visually-engaging call-to-actions that can drive sales and signups.
  • Memorable ads can improve awareness and consideration, thus growing your brand presence.
  • Allows you to expand your search results to target people browsing websites and apps.
  • Easy remarketing to help you follow-up with people that are already aware of your brand or have visited your website.

Shopping campaigns

Shopping campaigns are great for retailers that are looking to sell their products and services online. Shopping ads appear on the search results of the Google Shopping tab. Store owners can also use local inventory ads to promote products at physical store locations.

  • Ideal for retail marketing to help boost your online presence with engaging product listings.
  • Boosts sales, leads and store signups.
  • Can help boost your storefronts by selling local inventory to local customers.

Video campaigns

Video campaigns allow you to show video ads on YouTube and similar video websites. They’re great for boosting brand awareness and can help drive traffic to your website.

  • Boosts awareness and consideration.
  • Improves sales and leads with action-focused video ads.
  • Expands your advertising reach to other platforms such as YouTube.
  • Remarketing allows you to target people that are already aware of your brand and website.

App campaigns

App campaigns can help you find new app users. This boosts awareness of your app and can drive sales of in-app purchases or sales within your app. This campaign type uses information from your app to optimize ads across various Google services and platforms.

  • Helps to drive installs, engagement and signups for your app.
  • Multi-channel marketing means your app shows on various platforms and services.
  • Easy to manage and set up with automated features for optimal performance.

Learn more about the different types of Google Ads

If you’d like to learn more about the different types of Google Ads available, we suggest taking a look at the resources below for more information. You can also view our embedded video at the top of the page in full to learn more.

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