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What Are Discovery Campaigns?

Did you know that Discovery Campaigns can help you to reach up to 2.9 billion customers across Google feeds via YouTube Home, Watch Next, Gmail Promotions and Discover.  Display campaigns are a great way of helping you to smash your performance goals via Google Ads.

This can be achieved by a single Google Ads campaign, using the audience and customer intent audience that uses quality visual, engaging and inspiring content aimed at the right people that are ready and waiting to engage and discover your brand. 


Google does the work for you to help you reach your ideal customer – it uses your cost per action (CPA) bid and budget that you would have set, so the campaign stays within your budget. All you do is set the foundation in the way of headlines, high-quality inspirational images, and stand out smart logos.

With better content, you are sure to drive engagement with far richer and relevant ads. This is down to the machine learning behind Google, that improves the processes behind customer intent understanding; therefore showing your meaningful content to users that are displaying higher levels of interest and are ready to jump on board with your product or services.

Your stand-out visual ads should be designed to be discovered! Consumers browsing their favourite content and feed-based experiences will have their interest sparked with less interaction and action needing to be made by yourself.  You can maximise your conversion bidding or Target CPA in order to optimise your campaign bids so that you match your business marketing objectives. Automated bidding options can also be set up to meet your media goals.

Before You Start

To be eligible to set up a Discovery Campaign, you’ll need to meet the following requirements: You must comply with Google’s personalised advertising policies and Google Ads policies. You need to make sure that sitewide tagging is enabled in the account. Currently, Discover is not unavailable for consumers in Australia, France and Germany.

Discovery Campaigns Are For You If:

  • You’re aiming to drive conversions using your media on a large scale, with a solid marketing objective to support it. You can use Discovery ads to drive sales, newsletter signups, or more website visits
  • You want to share visually rich and inspiring brand content creatively across Google feeds
    You would like to prompt potential customers to try your new brands and promotions
  • You wish to retain your most valuable customers
  • Discovery campaigns provide you with a basis to produce content that will repeatedly draw in your customers that are most likely to engage with your site again and again, when they have visited your site before or made a purchase

Types Of Campaign Settings

Some settings such as bidding and targeting are automated for Discovery Campaigns. This saves you time and helps your campaign to have optimal performance based on your marketing objective, bid and budget. 

You will not be able to adjust the following settings if you are using Discovery Campaigns: Manual bid strategies, Delivery method, Device targeting, Placement targeting (including exclusions), Frequency capping, Ad rotation and Contextual targeting

If you are serious about reaching as many potential customers as possible and use methods to retain those that have previously been on your site, get cracking on using Discovery Campaigns!

If you want to learn more about Discovery Campaigns, you can take a look here.

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