How To Use Negative Keywords In AdWords

Using negative keywords in AdWords is one of the best ways to cut the wasted budget and increase profitability & return on investment for your AdWords campaign.

Negative keywords let you exclude search terms from your campaigns and helps you to show your ads for your relevant and targeted keywords. Better and laser focussed targeting will put your ads in front of an interested audience and improve your AdWords performance.

This video shows you how to use negative keywords and why you must use them.

How Negative Keywords Work

One very important aspect of a highly targeted campaign is choosing what not to target!

When choosing or selecting keywords for your campaigns, look for search terms which are similar to your keywords, but might cater to customers searching for a different product. Let’s say you sell eyeglasses, so you would want to add ‘wine glasses’ as a negative keyword to stop your ads showing for irrelevant terms.


Types of Negative Keywords

You can use broad, exact or phrase match negative keywords for Search campaigns. Negative keywords work differently from the positive keywords. The main difference being is that you need to add synonyms, singular or plural versions, misspellings and other close variations if you wish to exclude them.

For Display & Video campaigns, negative keywords are always considered an exact match. You don’t need to change the match type for this. Just use broad match negatives.

Google AdWords Ad Groups Tutorial 2018

Negative Broad Match

This is the default match type. For negative broad match keywords, your ad won’t show if the search contains all your negative keywords in any order.

Example: running shoes

How To Use Negative Keywords In AdWords

Negative Keyword Phrase Match

Your ad won’t show if the search contains the keyword in the same order, be it exact or has pre or post phrase text.

Example: “running shoes”

Negative Keyword Phrase Match

Negative Keyword Exact Match

Your ad won’t show if the search term contains the exact keyword, in the same order and without any extra words.

As you can see that the keyword ‘running shoes’ is the only one which will stop the ad showing as it is an exact match.

Negative Keyword Exact Match

Image courtesy of Google.

To recap, choose your negative keywords carefully and you need to add close variants & plural keywords.

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