Video Ads Offer For YouTube

We are very excited to announce the launch of  YouTube Video Ads offers for our clients. This new promotional offer is  exclusively for certified Google Partners like us.

Richard Robinson, Director, Google, explains how video and mobile are changing the B2B buying process, using results from the recent Millward Brown B2B Path to Purchase study to illustrate how B2B buyer behaviour has changed in the last 2 years, and how both video and mobile are now critical tools for B2B buyers. B2B marketers should think about developing a mobile strategy and a video content strategy around the Hero, Hub and Hygiene framework.

 Spend £25 Get £75

This offer is for those clients who haven’t started any online video campaign (TrueView video ads). You will receive £75 when you spend £25. We hope this makes it easier for you to give video ads a try and see how you can reach new customers on YouTube. Don’t forget, you only pay for video ads when someone chooses to watch your ad.

Why You Must Start Your Video Ads Campaign…Now!

  1. YouTube is the world’s 3rd largest website and the 2nd biggest search engine. You can target your audience on this platform.
  2. A video on your website helps put a human face to your website. And we all know, people buy from people!
  3. A video increases the time per visit on your website which helps in more interaction of the visitor on your website.
  4. Video marketing is extremely low cost. You can start from anywhere between £0.02p – £0.10p per view. A ‘view’ is when someone watches your video ad for a minimum of 30 seconds.
  5. As Google owns YouTube, your videos can also get listed on Google when someone searches for your keyword or keyphrase, potentially driving free traffic to your website.
  6. Even with a low budget of say £3/day, you can promote your business, products or services.

If you haven’t got a promotional video, we can help with the complete production from script writing, story boarding and supplying a YouTube ready file for upload. Please refer to our YouTube Video Ads page for more information or contact us on 01525 850795.

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