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In this video you will learn a simple way to create video content. If you host events, it is highly recommended that you video it. You can then re-use the video content and re-purpose it on your blog, social media and pretty much everywhere on the internet. You can also use it to market future events as well.

Today, I’m at Harpers Food in Pepperstock, Bedfordshire. They’re hosting an event. Now, many business owners who I speak to, they struggle to create content, especially for the video. They struggle what to video. Well, if you are hosting an event, you ought to video it because of two reasons. First of all, you’ve got original video content. Secondly, you can use the video content to promote and market future events so that people can see what your event was all about and how it was. And if you can get customer testimonials during the event or your clients or visitors to your event to say a few words to the camera about the event, even better. So don’t miss out on this. And it’s a good opportunity to create video content by recording your videos.

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