In this video, filmed at YouTube Space in Los Angeles, I talk about how I got started with video marketing. Here I will give you some advice, tips and inspiration as to how YouTube can boost your business with video marketing.

It’s not difficult – it’s not rocket science. It just needs a little bit of work and consistency, but a lot of people give up too quickly and too easily.

In December 2017, I came home to my wife and told her that I was miserable because I was seeing the same people at every networking event and knew that they were not my ideal audience. So she told me, “stop going then and do something else”, which planted an idea in my head that I’ve got to change. If we keep doing the same thing over and over again, you will get the same results and sometimes you have to be strong enough to make those hard decisions and make changes.

At that point, I had been messing around with videos on my DSLR and smartphone for a while but had not been taking it seriously. So I set myself a challenge on 1st January 2018 to upload a video a day for 90 days. I told myself even if I don’t get a single response – no likes, shares, comments – I will keep ongoing. I started uploading and the videos were all short and were about Google ads with tutorials, walkthrough videos, steps and techniques.

Within a matter of days, I started to receive likes, comments, emails saying thank you and I could see clearly that my audience was resonating with my content. They were getting value from it and within 60 days I was certain that this was the way to go.

It has completely changed our business to the point that we now have got clients from all over the world. We’ve had very few clients locally funny enough, but because of the way we operate, our clients could be anywhere in the world.

Now a lot of people give up after four days or five days. But I kept going and I started to see that I was the key to this. Before I think I wasn’t giving good quality content, but now I was producing content which my audience loved and liked and I knew I need to do more of that. And I kept on doing more of those. And then the idea came about to create online courses where I can digitize my know-how, expertise and experience into short videos and put them up as an online course, which we sell.

So I’ve got two courses right now and I’ve got more coming up in the future. But what I found is that when people see your video and they like and trust you, they will come to you and they’re going to ask you for your help. That is the beauty of video.

All of these videos which I put up there are like my salespeople. They are doing the job 24/7. And the more I have, the more leads I’m going to get. But having said that, it’s not about the quantity, it’s about the quality. You can have a handful of videos and then get it indexed in Google or YouTube and you can get some really good quality traffic. I’ve now got 200-300 videos and 1 million views.

Views, likes, shares do not pay your bills, only customers do. But to get the customers you first need to get them as a lead and then convert a percentage of those leads into clients. And to get those leads, you need to have content so that people can listen to you. Listen to your message and they will very soon know that you are the go-to expert in your niche or industry. And that is the beauty of video.

You can create your videos using your smartphone. It doesn’t need to be a very expensive kit. I mean, the kit which I’m using right now is just a small little tripod, a light and a microphone. And all of this costs less than 50 pounds or around $50-60. So you don’t need to break the bank.

So as I started doing those, uploading those videos on YouTube, then I got my first big break, thanks to Anton at SEM Rush and we made a blog post about my 90-day challenge and that’s when I got my big break. And now I’m contributing a lot more content to them as well. I’ll put the link of that blog under this video where you can go and read all about how I started from pretty much zero subscribers on YouTube to over almost 9,800 subscribers. So video marketing is the place to go and I would highly recommend you start 2020 with your marketing. So I hope you enjoyed this article and I look forward to seeing you in the next one.

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