I am super excited to announce that I have been invited by the world’s leading search marketing website SEM Rush, to guest speak at their Content Club India webinar series on 14 Aug 2018.

During this session, we’ll be talking about video marketing. We’ll be sharing our video marketing strategies on how you can promote your brand, product, service or business.

Please click the image below to sign-up for free on the SEM Rush website.

Hope you can make it.


Video Transcript

Hello, Namaste, Assalamualaikum and Sasriyakaal. My name is Uzair from SF Digital Studios in the UK, I run an agency and we provide digital marketing services to companies of all sizes. I’m really excited to have been invited to co-present the Content Club India webinar series number two along with Digital Prathik.

Rohan from SEM Rush is going to present and host this session and this session is all about video marketing, how you can use video to promote your business, product, service or brand. I’ll be sharing my views, my experience of marketing my business using video. My main expertise is Google Adwords so a lot of my work was and still is about paid advertising. But earlier on this year, I started uploading videos to YouTube regularly to generate organic views and free traffic to my website.

So I’m going to share all my experience and how I’m doing, what is working, what is not working and if you’ve got a small YouTube channel right now, you too can get started with very little budget, very inexpensive equipment and a simple workflow which will then get you the views and the traffic which you need for your business.

So to join in all you need to do is go to SEMRush.com and you’ll see the tab at the top which is for webinars, come to this page, there’s a very simple signup form at the bottom, fill it in and it’s all done. Even if you can’t attend please register and you will get notification of the recordings afterwards. So if you do have any questions please do send it to us in advance so we can, I can, I’ll try and answer them for you or if not just ask any questions during the session.

I hope you can make it it is on 14th of August at 10:30 a.m. British summer time but you can also go on there in the drop-down, go to your timezone and you’ll be able to see what time it is in wherever you are. So I hope you can make it and I very much look forward to meeting you on the 14th. Thanks for watching and bye for now.

About Uzair Kharawala
Uzair Kharawala is the Co-Founder at SF Digital. He is a Certified Google Partner, is a Cricket fanatic and loves Photography.
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