Welcome to another blog, where we do our best to share our knowledge and expertise to help you in your business. We want to help everyone learn about the huge potential of using video marketing to really boost your online presence, engagement and ultimately, conversions!

YouTube has so many benefits and allows you to reach a huge audience when you publish content consistently. You don’t have to spend hours on creating lengthy videos for your channel, you can opt for smaller ones that can be posted just as regularly., which is exactly what we do to help engage with our clients and ultimately bring us more leads! 

This blog gives you some tips on how to create and upload short videos from your smartphone straight onto your YouTube channel. You don’t have to be perfect the first time, keep going and enjoy your YouTube journey! 

How To Upload Videos

On your phone you will need to download the YouTube App, you can create a new video or upload a video that already exists on your phone. This can be done on both Android and iPhones.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open your YouTube app and sign in to your channel account
  2. Find the video camera icon at the top of the app and click on it  
  3. Either press the record button to record a new video – holding your phone in portrait (vertically) 
  4. Or go to your gallery and upload an existing video 
  5. You can add a title with a maximum limit of 100 characters with a description of up to 5000 characters
  6. Play around with enhancements such as filters or trimming the length of the video, to do this drag the edges of the light blue line box that sits beneath the video.
  7. You can also add music to your video by clicking the Music icon. This can be audio from Audio Library or directly from your device
  8. Press ‘Upload’ to finish
  9. Make sure that you go to studio.youtube.com after you have uploaded your video to set the video audience setting. So that you comply with the ‘Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)’, you are required to state if the content is suitable for children. 
  10. Your videos are not uploaded without your consent, even though they may start to upload when you press record.

How Many Videos Can You Upload Per Day?

Currently, there is a daily limit, You will know if you have reached that limit if you see an error message that says “Upload limit reached”.  If this happens you will need to wait 24 hours before uploading again. 

The limits might be in different regions or types of channel history.  Once you upload your video it’s imported to your YouTube channel. When you publish a video, the video is available for anyone with access to watch it.

If you’d like to learn more about how to use online marketing strategies such as Google Ads or YouTube video marketing, make sure you check our blog regularly at www.sfdigital.co.uk/blog.  

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