When starting with a Google Ads campaign, you probably have a lot of questions surrounding the budget. What should I budget? How much should I budget? How much are you prepared to lose in the first place?

First, you need to understand the Google Ads market and what’s happening within it, which keywords are ranking etc. When you first start with a Google Ads campaign with zero data, you need something to work with so you buy that data and intelligence from Google.

To see if the keywords are correct and if the ad is sending the right message to your users and audience. Once all those variables come together and you can physically see where you’re going forward within the campaign, you will be seeing a profitable ROI.

As a business or a brand, you might feel like after 30 days of trying with Google Ads you don’t see it becoming profitable. However, it’s after 30 to 45 days, you see a difference in your ad campaign, after all the testing and making sure your keywords are correct and your ad creative is sending the right message.

For example:

Let’s say if you are starting with a $1,000 budget per month and you are starting to get a positive ROI of three times. So, every time you give one to Google, you’re getting three back and you know from your numbers that a minimum of 3x ROI or return on investment is profitable for us.

Then you start to scale because you cannot lose. You give $2,000 to Google, you get $6,000 back. You give $5,000 to Google, you get $10,000 back.

The starting budget is that you should be prepared and you should be comfortable losing that amount. If you are feeling uncomfortable about losing a certain amount, then you should lower your starting budget and start your ads with your campaigns with Google Ads.

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