What Is Ad Rotation In Google Ads?

Google is getting smart day by day, which is why it is utilising new techniques to help its user base target its audience.

If you are wondering what is ad rotation and how does it work? Then you have come to the right place!

In this blog, we will be giving you an overview of ad rotation and how it can help your business. So, let’s get started!

What Is Ad Rotation All About?

Ad rotation helps you to test different ads in a single ad group. It enables you to run multiple ads rather than a singular ad. It gives Google the chance to see which ad combination is more responsive and working well among your target audience.

Since expanded text ads (ETAs) will retire by the next year, Google is more focused on responsive search ads (RSAs.) Therefore, with ad rotation, you can run multiple ads for your campaigns to rotate them and find out which one of your ads is doing well for you.

How Can Ad Rotation Help Your Business?

Ad rotation can help your businesses in many ways by optimising your video campaigns. With ad rotation, you can identify the best of your videos that can help you to attract your target audience. It makes the entire process less hectic and cost-effective.

Furthermore, Google is working on simplifying its processes by giving users multiple options for ad rotation processes. You can also come up with creative ideas for your ads and test them simultaneously with your current ones to check which one is performing better. All in all, ad rotation can help your business in many ways.


Google Ads has long been helping businesses to put their brands in the eyes of their target audience. And with ad rotation, you can find the best of your ads to engage your target audience and get a competitive edge over others. So, leverage it to get good results for your business.

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