What Is Quality Score In Google Ads?

In the vast and sometimes bewildering world of Google Ads, one term you’re likely to encounter is “Quality Score”. But what exactly does this term mean in the realm of Google Ads? Let’s break it down in simple terms.

What Is Quality Score?

In Google’s own terms, Quality Score is a measure assigned to each keyword you bid on in your Google Ads campaign. It’s a rating from one to ten, with ten being the best and one being the worst. Naturally, you want your Quality Score to be as high as possible, ideally aiming for a five or above to start with.

Factors Affecting Quality Score

Now, how is this Quality Score calculated, and more importantly, how can you improve it? Well, Google considers three main factors:

  1. Expected Click-Through Rate (CTR): This metric reflects how likely it is that someone will click on your ad when it’s shown. Google values relevant clicks, as that’s what keeps advertisers happy and willing to keep spending. So, the higher your expected CTR, the better your Quality Score.
  2. Ad Relevancy: Your ad needs to be directly relevant to the keywords you’re targeting. If someone searches for “red apples,” your ad should talk about buying quality red apples. Simple as that. Ensuring alignment between search terms, keywords, and ad content is crucial for a higher Quality Score.
  3. Landing Page Experience: Lastly, Google evaluates the experience users have when they click on your ad and land on your website. Factors like page speed, relevance, and overall user experience come into play here. A well-optimised landing page can contribute to a higher Quality Score.
Google Ads Quality Score Explained

Why Does Quality Score Matter?

But why should you care about improving your Quality Score? Well, here’s the kicker: a higher Quality Score can lead to a higher ad rank and lower cost per click (CPC). In other words, your ads will appear more prominently in search results, and you’ll pay less for each click. It’s a win-win situation for advertisers.


In a nutshell, Quality Score is Google’s way of rewarding advertisers who prioritise relevance and user experience in their ads and landing pages. By focusing on improving your Quality Score, you can enhance the performance of your Google Ads campaigns, drive more relevant traffic to your website, and ultimately, achieve better results for your business. So, why not invest some time and effort into optimising your Quality Score? Trust me, the rewards are worth it. And there you have it – a simplified guide to understanding and improving your Quality Score in Google Ads. Happy advertising!

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