What Is The Best Way To Run An A/B Split Test?

What’s A/B testing, and why should you think about creating one? And what’s the best way to run an A/B split test? In this blog post, we’ll look at everything you need to know about A/B testing, from why to how and the best way to run one.

What Is A/B Testing?

A/B testing, otherwise called split testing, is a process that involves comparing two versions of an app or landing page against one another to ascertain which performs the best. In other words, A/B testing is an experiment in which two or more variants of a page are displayed to users randomly. Next, statistical analysis determines which variation performs the best for a given conversion objective. 

Why Should You Think About A/B Testing?

Consider A/B testing to lessen bounce rates, boost user engagement, reduce risk, ramp up conversion rates, and successfully create content. Performing an A/B test may have a considerably positive effect on your mobile app or site. And the best bit? They’re effortless to execute and offer huge returns, not to mention helpful learning for your company.

What Is The Best Way To Run An A/B Split Test?

There aren’t any, but there are lots of good tools. We’d recommend a free tool known as Google Optimize. Like most of Google’s tools, you can use Google Optimize to run an A/B split test. As an agency, we’ve been running Unbounce for years on end. We love it. And the page speed on Unbounce is lightning fast, which is the key and the reason we haven’t run on any other apps or software. 

Unbounce boasts one of the fastest pages. What that gives us is a high-quality score because the landing page experience is excellent in Google’s eyes. Plus, Google then rewards us with cheaper clicks as well. You’ll pay a little bit more for Unbounce. The price isn’t too bad, but it’s an outstanding product, and the best thing about the company is the support they give – it really is top-notch. If we experienced any problems, the Unbounce team fixed them right away.

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