The various statistical terminologies come across while you advertise your business online. Clicks, impressions, and views keep rotating and confuse the advertisers. Whereas in reality, they are just updating you on the advertisement’s performance.

People often get confused between clicks and impressions, and this is what we are going to differentiate further. Check them out.


An impression is simply the number of times your ad has been (or will be) seen by a potential viewer, whether it’s a banner, button, or text link. Simply put, this is the total number of times that image has appeared on any computer screen anywhere on the planet. As an advertiser, this is the least cost-effective method of buying advertising.


The number of times someone has taken their cursor placed it on your advertising image and then used their mouse to click on that image and be taken to your website is known as a click-through. You’ll know exactly how many people will come to your website due to the paid advertising. When a user arrives on your website, it should be engaging and interactive enough to elicit an emotional response that prompts them to contact you.

Difference Between Impressions And Clicks

Impressions are the number of times your ad pops up before a potential customer, and clicks are counted when such a customer click on that ad. This is all the difference between impressions and clicks.

Bottom Line:

Even for a seasoned internet marketer, web terminology can be perplexing. We hope this has clarified things for you. You can get more information from our blog about these and similar terminologies because you got every right to know things before your practice.

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