Google Ads and Google AdSense are two separate platforms offered by Google that are completely different to each other. In the below video, we’ll take a look at the differences between the two platforms.

The main difference between these two Google platforms is who they’re designed for. Google Ads are for advertisers and businesses, compared to Google AdSense which is for publishers or website owners.

  1. Google Ads enables marketers and businesses to advertise their products or brands on Google’s networks, for example the search page.
  2. Google AdSense, on the other hand, enables publishers to reserve space for Google Ads placements on their website, for example text, video or images.

For example: 

Google AdSense is when blogs and websites monetize their content. When somebody clicks on the ads shown, the advertiser, which could be anything from clothing brands to food stores, will get charged by Google Ads.

The website that is showing the ad will also get a percentage of that click. That’s how websites monetize their content by letting Google Ads display various ads throughout the website. 

Both platforms, Google Ads and Google AdSense work together to make Google’s greater advertising network; websites put up empty space for Google’s ads (Google AdSense, like in the example above) and businesses set budgets and chosen ads to display on Google’s advertising network (Google Ads).

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