What Is The Difference Between SEO And Google Ads?

Which is better: SEO or Google Ads? Learn the difference between SEO and Google Ads and decide which is right for your business.

Google Ads

  • Google Ads are paid ads.
  • When you create an ad campaign you pay for a budget and when someone clicks on the ad.
  • Google Ads are mostly present at the top of the Google search page and will have ad within their text.
  • Companies will pay an amount if their ad is clicked on the Google search page.


  • SEO is the organic way to get ranked higher on the Google search page.
  • Using SEO and the right keywords will boost your website up the ranks of the search page.
  • Ranking on the first page of Google is very difficult so even though you don’t pay for clicks, you have to work to improve SEO to rank on the first page.

Another useful way of ranking on the Google search page is to produce YouTube videos and include them in your SEO and Google Ads campaign. Google will show up to four different YouTube videos on page one and it is free traffic for your business or company. It’s a very powerful way to have multiple links on Google page one. 

If your company has multiple organic web pages, blogs or landing pages that Google finds rankable and appropriate for page one, then you can have all of them ranked on the search page since it’s not an ad. However, you cannot have multiple ads from the same ad campaign or website ranked on the search page.

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