What Is The Use Of Search Terms Report In Google Ads?

Search terms report in Google Ads can be beneficial, but not many people use it for optimising their marketing campaigns. If used in the best manner, search terms report in Google Ads can do wonders for your campaign. Let’s start by understanding what a search terms report is.

What Is Search Terms Report, And How Do You Use It?

Search terms report is where you can see all the search queries that users post on Google after your ad is displayed in front of them. Therefore, if you see any queries that you think are not appropriate as per the services or the products you are offering, you can add them as negative keywords.

By doing so, it will avoid showing your item on that search term for future queries of the user’s post. However, if you spot any search terms that are not in your campaign, you can take advantage of them and look for the latest queries or search terms to include in your campaign.

It helps you in both ways since it allows you to identify and add negative keywords, whereas at the same time it enables you to find and add positive keywords for your campaign. The duration to conduct this activity depends on the size of your account. Usually, you should carry out this exercise weekly to save and make a lot of money at the same time.

Benefits Of The Search Terms Report

There are many advantages of incorporating the search terms report. One of the best things about a search terms report is that it gives you an understanding of the queries that trigger your ad. In addition, it can show you the performance of the searches.

You can also find the new concepts for your landing page that are innovative and are a blend of your customer’s searches. Additionally, it can benefit you by:

  • Saves you from connecting your brand with something harmful or unrelated queries.
  • Helps you add keywords from which you can save yourself from wasting impressions.

These are some of the benefits you can get from the search terms report. There are plenty more that you can enjoy.

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