What Two Types Of Remarketing Can Be Used On Google Display Ads?

Remarketing can be done on display ads but also video ads as well. When you’re targeting your ads towards a certain audience, you want to make sure you get the right demographic. 

The first audience you should target is Website Visitors. 

  • These are people who have been to your website, but not been converted. However you can convert them into customers but targeting ads directly for them. 
  • You can also follow up visitors who have been converted but not taken up an upsell from your website.
    • For example: You might launch a webinar where you opt-in to join. The call to action is to book an appointment in the calendar. If the audience hasn’t done that, you can then follow up with ads.

The second audience you should target is Video Viewers.

  • It can be one of the biggest audiences for brands and companies, where you can leverage the power of video and YouTube to target ads.
    • For example: You upload videos onto your website or YouTube regularly. Those people who have watched your videos, you can remarket to them with both, display ads and video ads.
  • Use the power of YouTube to get yourself in front of your targeted audience at scale. 
  • You will find that your branding and brand awareness will skyrocket.

Another way to remarket is through Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA)

  • The simple terms is remarketing through the Google page
    • For example: A customer searches for a keyword and they see your ad, they click on it and it goes through your website. Then they go back to Google and start searching for that same keyword again. Your ad can potentially show up multiple times.

All these ways of remarketing your ads whether that be display or video are very powerful ways to reach your targeted audiences.

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