The primary goal of running a Google Ads campaign is to sell a product. To sell, advertisers choose high converting keywords for persuading people to click on the ad and on every click, the advertiser has to pay Google. Contrary to this, the business objective is accomplished only when the visitor makes a purchase no matter how many clicks the ad gets.

If the keyword you are using for your Google Ads is getting many clicks but not making any conversions, you have reached a point where you have to decide whether or not you should pause the keyword. Coming up next, we’ll walk you through situations you’d better pause off the keyword.

Two Cases: When You Should Pause The Keyword

Following are two best-case scenarios to pause your Google Ads keywords

  1. Keywords that costs but do not converts
  2. Low-Quality Score Keywords

Keywords That Costs But Not Converts

Sadly, not every keyword provides you desired results when it comes to conversions. This is the most common case where your Google Ads gets many clicks but does not make any conversions. Consequently, the advertiser does not make any profit and only pays the cost. Sometimes, the ad spending violates the target CPA, and you run in the loss. If that’s your case, you must immediately pause your keyword.

But wait!

This is not the solution to your problem! What if the concerned keyword:

  • Used to provide you desired results in the past
  • Contains the best informative words
  • Does it contain untested words?
  • Works fine on low bidding?

That is the point of reconsidering your thoughts. Undoubtedly, expensive keywords should be paused immediately, but you must try to identify the problem within the points mentioned above.

Estimate the Range:

If your ad keyword was converting fine in the past and has stopped making conversions within 7-30 days, there is no need to pause the keyword straight away. Instead, find out what changed the metrics? (Bid, text, niche or landing page)

Text Efficiency:

Observe how strong your ad copy works overall? How efficient is the text your keyword contains? Finding out these queries will help you identify the cause of different effectiveness.

Check Your Landing Page:

The same goes for the landing page efficiency testing. Contact the Google Ads dimension tab to determine how your landing page works overall? Check if your landing page functions equally well when associated with other keywords or not?

Solving these mysteries will help you make the right decision.

Low-Quality Keywords

Just like high spending keywords are harmful to your pocket, it is similar to low bidding keywords. Low bidding keywords charge less and appear cheaper than the first hard case. The advertisers do not feel the burden of paying low bidding charges even if it doesn’t make any conversions. However, the metrics show the average aggregate, which appears pretty expensive to advertisers indirectly.

If so is the case, make sure to pause it immediately.

Wrap Up

The advertisers must stick to a sole objective: to make a sale. If your ad campaign is not generating any conversions overall, it’s pretty obvious your investment is of no use. So do not “kill” the keyword immediately but inquire about the cause first. And if nothing turns out, pause the keyword right away.

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