Web visitors are rapidly going mobile recently, and most of the conversions are done via direct calls. This shows the significance of the Call-Only Ads initiative. Even though it’s a lucrative option, yet many advertisers struggle to get calls. All they get is clicks but no calls.

Are you among one of them?

Are you tired of spending dollars but still not getting any calls?

Well, you’re not alone in this; around 62% of advertisers struggle to get conversions from mobile calls. What could be the reason? Let’s discuss them next.

Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Calls

Setting up Call-Only Ads and hoping to get conversions is not enough. Several other factors are associated with it that need to be done the right way. Instead of spending a needless budget (which won’t help you), check out the following reasons and rectify them in your ad.

  • Match Type Keywords
  • Negative Keywords
  • Landing Page Experience
  • Call Button Interface
  • Mobile Website Speed

Match Type Keywords

Keyword Match Types

Often advertisers bid unstable match-type keywords, which leads to landing on a no-call situation. A match type keyword tells how specifically the keyword should relate to the user’s query to get considered for bidding. After that, a match-type keyword is varied accordingly. See what match-type keywords you are using in your ad.

Customarily, advertisers go for broad match type; however, if it is too broad, try to tighten it until it gets matched properly.

Negative Keywords

Google Ads Negative Keywords

Negative keywords prevent the ad from displaying on the wrong screen or, in other words, prevent it from displaying before the wrong customer. See if you’re using negative keywords aggressively or not? Using the right amount of negative keywords will automatically eliminate the chance of appearing before the wrong shopper.

Often advertisers ignore this factor which leads you to get clicks but no calls.

Landing Page Experience

Landing Page Experience

Call-Only Ads include your number, landing page URL, address, and a short description. Curious shoppers are interested in visiting your landing page where things are might upset. See if your landing page experience offers the same quote as your Call-Only Ads does?

If not, then your ad is stuck in a technical hassle. Rectify your landing page experience and cope with it according to your ad.

Call-Button Interface

Call Button Interface

If you want people to call you, you must make your call-button interface user-friendly. And, by user-friendly, we mean it should not be lurking somewhere in the website’s footer. Make it appear on the top of the window above the fold.

Make your call button bold and eye-catching with engaging quotes that could catch the attention instantly. Contrary to this, if your call button contains small and wordy characters, you might get a click, but there will be no call for sure.

Mobile Website Speed

Mobile Website Speed

Since most web visitors have gone mobile, there comes a need to enhance mobile website speed. Often experts observe extremely poor mobile website speed, which bounces off the prospects from CTAs. Eventually, the visitors get irritated and leave the website immediately.

If you’re only getting clicks, this could be one of the significant reasons behind your hassle. Check your mobile website speed and observe it from the searcher’s perspective. You’ll surely get the hint.

Wrapping Up

Call-Only Ads is a lucrative initiative to generate conversions because 60% of mobile users contact businesses via call. If you’re facing trouble meeting your objective, the points mentioned above could be the reason.

However, without observing what’s happening, you cannot know what’s happening. So you have to go through the phase of observing the factors before investing money in Call-Only Ads. Otherwise, you won’t know the problem.

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