Why Should Dentists Use Google Ads?

As a dentist, in 2020 you have the option of offering extensive aesthetic dentistry, bleaching, bridges, CMD, endodontics, fillings, implantology, oral surgery, prosthetics and more, you offer services that depend upon patients.

But how exactly do you get your patients to walk through the door? The decisive competitive factor for dentists is the dentist density, i.e. how many potential patients in a city visit a dentist. 

If you are in a location with a vast amount of dentists, you must stand out in the crowd. Whilst marketing is the clear goal, you may want to target more specific types of marketing, such as Google Ads; but even this has its drawbacks. 

This competitive industry often means that multiple streams of marketing are essential, from social media to SEO, newspaper ads and local ads. 

Why are Google Ads a good choice?

Ads are placed on the Google page of a search that has been carried out. They are marked with the word “Advertisements” and are located at the top of a Google page. Keywords are selected and linked to the ad. 

Users who use these terms in their search will then find the respective website as a hit on their results page. Keywords can be analysed using Google Ads. In the dentistry industry, this can help the searcher determine what the company offers and narrow down what they are looking for. 

This allows a hands-off approach for the dentist to be able to ensure their potential patients can find them, by reducing massive advertising costs and increasing their ROI. Why else is it a smart choice?

  • Targets the people who want you.
  • Is fast-acting, and results are seen effectively.
  • Doesn’t have to be pricey, and ROI can be seen.
  • Helps you stand out from the crowd. 

Targeted Google Ads for Dentists.

Over half of all dentists’ ads are too general. If someone is looking for dental implants, they are shown a general advertisement or a list of their services, but a specific advertisement on the subject of implants. 

Experience shows that general keywords like ‘dentist’ or ‘toothache’ are not effective in attracting new patients. Potential patients who are willing to book an appointment with the dentist usually use more precise search queries. 

Choosing more specific search terms for the ads usually leads to better results. Below are some reasonably accurate search queries:

  • Implants in London
  • Emergency dentist
  • Child-friendly dentist
  • Teeth whitening

Furthermore, you align ads more precisely to the search queries by putting them together in different ad groups. Each ad group should only contain very similar search terms. However, the ad target words should align with what best suits your brand. 

Some of the most successful advertisements for dentists are those that offer something unique. Not only are they unique but also concise; which means you have a limited space to convey a specialised message. Therefore make these words count.

The prospective patient will usually see multiple advertisements and in many cases, will find it challenging to decide which dentist to choose. 

In a highly sought after local market, the best way to set yourself apart from the crowd is to be original. What makes you stand out? Flexible hours? Emergency care? Cheaper than the rest? Excellent repayment options? Cutting edge treatments?

Tips for attractive Google Ads campaigns

A good Google Ads strategy consists of using attractive keywords, which are essentially going to drive any campaign forward. These tips consist of three steps: 

  • Targeting 
  • Experiment. 
  • Optimise. 

First of all, you would need to determine precisely where you would like a campaign to run and who your target audience would be. A commercial dentist in London will have a completely different focus than one in Edinburgh. 

The last two steps are based on the principle of readjustment. Dive deep into your analytics to see exactly what works and what doesn’t. 

Design well and keep things savvy; the aesthetic of the ad and ensure it reads easily with an emphasis on urgency. Sales driven targeted ads often use a sense of urgency, to cajole readers into taking action. Eg. Wanting to fix their smile, needing a crown.

Let your potential patients decide which ad is best.

Don’t be too serious or narrow-minded when it comes to your ad copy. Dentists usually know roughly what patients value, but that doesn’t mean they always know what most prospects want to read in an advertisement. 

Let the potential patient determine which ad copy is best. If you have configured your Google Ads advertising correctly, then it is a treasure trove of useful information. 

Search the data to determine the top-performing ads. Use this as a foundation for continually improving the ads so that they appeal to your potential patients. 

Putting finances into advertising is a smart move for the dentistry industry because the market is highly saturated. Your Google advertising budget should align well with your other marketing efforts, so they can all run hand in hand. 

At the core of the support and administration of Google Ads, it is primarily about the practical and profitable use of your campaigns. 

Are you already measuring a conversion? Do you use topic-specific landing pages? How well are your landing pages working? Are there any functional changes to the campaigns that should be tested? 

Measuring the analytics will help you rework any ads and ensure that you’re hitting the targets that you really want. This is known as tracking your conversions. Which ads are performing well and which ads aren’t.

If they aren’t performing well, perhaps it is time to speak to your in-house or outsource team and have them rework the ads to align with the new metrics. 

What are your patients’ values worth to you? It’s a question that only you can answer, but it should reflect on how you use your ads.

If you need any help with your Google Ads for your dental clinic, please do get in touch for your complimentary no-obligation consultation to see how we can help you generate new leads.

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